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Stupid Raisins…

August 29, 2007


If Roman is anything like his dad… He will hate raisins! I found this shirt at Threadless tees. They have great kids tees as well as adult tees. Mom wants a “STUPID NUTS, STAY OUT OF MY COOKIES” made up for her.

That’s not Roman?

August 22, 2007


Who’s the Gorilla with the orange Monkey socks?

Yo Gabba Gabba!

August 21, 2007


Remember Pee-wee’s playhouse? Well, Yo Gabba Gabba is one one of the most visually pleasing shows for kids since. A live action pop driven show for children, with amazing characters and special guest like Biz Markie! Roman will be too young to watch, but I will be sure to get it on DVD. Here are a few more videos.

Custom Alphabet Cards

August 18, 2007

After searching hours for decent alphabet cards we decided to make our own…


Cutting the corners after designed and printed…


Attaching to the walls with Zots…



UPDATE.. We now are selling the alphabet cards through Natalie Eden


August 14, 2007


It’s not a tricycle, not a bike with stabilizers, not a scooter… so what is it?


August 14, 2007


The countdown to Roman Joseph’s arrival has begun! We know he’s a boy; we have already chosen a name. Now we want to meet him- to see what he will become.