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Party in my tummy!

December 30, 2007

Roman’s favorite song from the most amazing show Yo Gabba Gabba!


Merry Christmas to all and to all a GOOD NIGHT!

December 30, 2007


Roman decided to give us the best gift of all, five hours of consecutive sleep! This was a first and hopefully a gift that keeps on giving throughout 2008! Speaking of firsts, Mr. Roman’s Christmas was a gift giving overload! Included in his haul:

Rody! thanks Grandma and Grandpa!


– Wooden Vilac dog pull toy made in France.


– Uggs “Every baby needs a pair of Uggs” said his Mimi.

– Fantastic Zoo-ology book!


– Favorite NooNoo Wood Bug blankie from Nana and Poppi.


– Miniature chopsticks from his Aunt Lindsay, Uncle Rob and Cousin Alec.

Three months

December 30, 2007


Roman is a delight to have around. His big grins turned into laughs that are directed at dad who is apparently hilarious! Roman figured out how to roll over from his stomach and then from his back! This new trick provides hours of entertainment for us these days. Just plop him on the floor and watch him go. Also this month Roman has become quite chatty. He’s able to discuss everything from Obama to Miro! Seriously, he talks all day long at anything and everyone. Oh and the kid still doesn’t sleep, sigh.

Roman’s first stocking

December 29, 2007


Roman’s new stocking complete with “R” embroidery and pirate rattle!

Roman is two months old!

December 29, 2007


We’ve added photos for November. Enjoy!

Look who’s talking

December 10, 2007