Roman at four months



I decided to enroll Roman and I in some classes. Yoga and swim to be specific. It’s proving to be a very ambitious schedule. I am still trying to juggle our activities with running a business, but Roman seems to like the stimulation.

Yoga is hilarious. The class is full of new moms with babies. There’s lots of crying, lots of feeding and very little yoga. Roman actually loves the class. He laughs and chats and when I do downward dog over him he bursts into hysterical laughter. The instructor commented on how happy he seemed. I actually feel guilty for enjoying ourselves and getting something out of the class since the majority of the women were dropping like flies to go nurse crying babes.

Swim class is a completely different experience. I spend an hour getting ready for a half hour in the pool. Swimsuit for Roman, check. Swimsuit for me, check. Bathing cap, check. Goggles, check. Towel, check. Roman’s towel, check. Pacifier just in case, check. One well fed and rested babe, check. Once in the pool Roman and I participate in the ridiculous song singing/water activities the instructor has for us. I’m not even sure the poor kid recognizes me in my required swim cap which is probably for the better since he seems to find the whole experience a bit disturbing. It’s a serious Roman in the pool, taking it all in. Each class proves to be exhausting for the both of us. He falls asleep while I am changing him out of the wet clothes and I am wiped out for the rest of the day. The weekly trauma is turning into a total bonding experience. What happens at swim class stays at swim class.


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