Five months old



Time is flying I can’t believe Roman is almost half a year old. He changes so much it is nearly impossible to document it all. My goal is to try a little bit harder. From the beginning Roman has had specific likes and dislikes. Here are a few during his 5th month of life:

Sucking on his fingers and toes
Taking a bath
Staring at anything visually interesting – fabric, paintings, bright objects
His owl mobile
Books – 2 books perfect, 3 books too many
The Baby Bjorn
Faucets – water in general
Touching our faces
Taking walks, being out
His pacifier
His feet tickled
Being held upright
Being talked to
Sadly, the cell phone

Getting his face washed
Getting dressed
Being burped mid nursing- he acts like the milk has dried up forever. He throws his head back, turns red in the face and screams an angry cry. It’s hard not to laugh.
Being overstimulated
Being held like a baby
Sitting still
When I sniff, sneeze or cough while feeding him – he will stop eating, look up at me with a disturbed face which makes me feel embarrassed. I apologize and he continues eating.
Being on his stomach


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