Something has happened over the last few weeks. Something I never saw coming. I had hoped and dreamed and obsessed, but started to lose hope. Then the Universe shifted. Roman started sleeping. The once dreaded evening hour has turned into something quite lovely. Our nighttime routine goes like this – We dim the lights, turn on the sleepy playlist, Keith gives Roman a bath and I feed him in his rocking chair. The entire process takes 45 minutes and by 7:45 he is fast asleep in his crib. Gone are the days of swaddling, shushing, screaming, rocking, walking, taking shifts, struggling to get R to fall asleep. We have our evenings back. Keith and I have alone time again. Something I remember longing for during the first few months of Roman’s life. So what do we do with our free time? Sneak into Roman’s room to watch him sleep. Sometimes we catch him having a dream. His little face twitches, he smiles and laughs out loud. His closed eyes dart back and forth. He snores. It’s the most peaceful thing we have ever seen.


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