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Play Date

April 29, 2008


April 25, 2008

My mornings have changed since becoming a mom. No more alarms to wake me or rushing to get out the door on time. Now I wake up to the sound of Roman’s sweet voice cooing and babbling from the other room. I walk down the hall to greet him and he reciprocates with a squeal for joy, flailing arms and an ear to ear smile. Except today I was greeted like this- R standing up in his crib for the very first time!

Seven months old

April 17, 2008

I know we said last month was so great, maybe the best yet, but this month feels that way too. Our family is growing and changing as you do and we couldn’t be more content! Here’s what you are into this month:

WATER – Swim class is your favorite activity. You can hardly contain yourself at the sight of a pool and once in you splash and cheer and squeal. We pass a few fountains on our daily walk and you get extra excited when you see and hear them. I have to stop so you can smile and coo at the streaming water. Even drinking water in a glass gets you to smile and I can’t resist letting you have sips.

HANDS – You’ve discovered tags. The ones found on clothes and stuffed animals. There is a tiny tag on the ear of your stuffed monkey and I catch you stroking it often. You are very into textiles, textures and details. I see your little hands moving and touching- carpet, fabric, furniture, water, my wedding ring, your dad’s hair on his face. Actually you really like to grab at faces in general.

BOOKS – I’m really impressed with your ability to sit through a picture book and not just a one word board book. In fact, you prefer the books with a story. Your current favorite is Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog or anything by Mo Willems. You crack a big smile when I make the voices for the Pigeon character and the Duckling character. You like to touch and feel the pictures and turn pages with the right amount of gentleness.

TALKING – You’ve added a few words to your growing vocabulary – “la”, “yeah” , “hi” or “eye” I can’t tell for sure. Your favorite word is “dadadadadadadadadada” which you say all day long.
Riding in the car – dadadadadada
On a walk – dadadadadada
At mealtime – dadadadadada
Taking a bath – dadadadadada
Ironically all of these activities take place with me- the Mama.

CRIB – A funny little routine happens each time we put you in your crib. It goes like this- your hand goes up, it feels around, it grabs the bumper, you pull yourself up, eyes look over darting back and forth surveying your room, you squeal with joy to see something or someone, then you lose grip, fall back and sigh. Now that you are able to roll around you have a hard time staying still even when it is time to sleep. The positions you manage to get yourself in are pretty entertaining and can’t possibly be comfortable- head in corner, arm above head, face planted into mattress, cheek on pacifier.

SMILES – You will smile at just about anyone in sight. People walking by, people you see from a window. You smile at them not realizing that they don’t see you. It upsets you when someone doesn’t acknowledge your efforts and it breaks my heart to watch it happen. Fortunately the majority of people you shoot a grin to smile back and tell you how cute you are. This makes you smile bigger and do your bashful look away thing.

SITTING – Sure you’ve been able to sit up on your own for awhile now, but guess what else you can do? When placed flat on your back you can get yourself into a sitting position! Imagine the confusion the other day when your dad put you on the floor for a diaper change, went to get a diaper, came back and found you sitting upright. Just sitting there with a look on your face that was like – Yeah I do this now, keep up Dad.

Your parents are trying hard to keep up with you sweet boy!
Mom and Dad

Thankless Job

April 15, 2008

Even though I’ve been working hard at getting you to say “Mama” or turn to me when posed with the question “Where’s Mama” your word of choice this week- the one you say over and over and over again…

Thanks a lot.

Your Mama
Say: Ma Ma