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May 28, 2008

Waving at eight months old.


Bon Appetit

May 28, 2008

The art of dining (I use this term lightly) has become a huge part of our daily routine these days. You pretty much enjoy three meals from your high chair so a lot of our time is spent in the kitchen. I look at this time as an opportunity to get to know you a little more. Here’s what I’ve observed:

You can’t sit still- in the high chair you try to turn all around while your hands try to touch anything and everything within reach as your feet kick continuously.

Orange must be your favorite color- because this is the color of the ONLY food you will eat, with the exception of pears. Sweet potatoes, carrots, apricots and squash and cereal.

You thrive on consistency- every day it’s the same old thing. Same time, same place, same food. Aren’t you bored with cereal and pears for breakfast? Don’t you want to explore green hue foods for dinner? Believe me, I’ve tried to switch it up. I throw in a little banana for breakfast or a pea here and there for dinner. You’d think I was offering foie gras by the look on your face when a pea hits your mouth.

You agree that Dad is the chef in this family – you’re not a huge fan of my homemade purées. Even though I slave away (okay not really) chopping and blending you refuse to touch the meals I make. You sit politely with your mouth shut- a crow bar couldn’t pry it open. I don’t know how, but you know the difference between the food I make and the jarred variety even before it hits your tongue. You shake your head as if to say no Mama, I do not like the food you make. Come to think of it, your dad does this too.

Vampire Baby

May 19, 2008

Over the last few months we started referring to your pacifier as your lifeline. This can’t be good right? Maybe you are using them a little too much. Perhaps I should try to wean you- keeping your collection in your crib- for comfort during sleep only.

Today was the first day of the no pacifier trial. I have to report that I have three hickeys and counting- two on my arm and one on my chest. With your need to suck and the pacifier nowhere in sight you have turned to just about anything or anyone you can get your little mouth on.

I’m not sure what’s worse- being in public with a pacifier sucking 8 month old or walking around covered with little red marks.

Kansas City (video)

May 17, 2008

Roman’s first trip to Kansas City to meet his great grandparents.


May 17, 2008

Downward Dog

May 13, 2008

Maybe those ridiculous mommy/baby yoga classes weren’t a waste of time after all.

Eight Months Old

May 13, 2008

We are only a week into your eighth month and already you are changing like crazy! I can’t even imagine what you will be doing by the end of the month. Here is what you are up to so far:

TRICKS- You started crawling. It is the cutest thing to watch. You move pretty fast- maybe too fast because a leg will get ahead of a hand and then before turning into a clumsy end you sit back up with a smile and a look as though to suggest you intended to take a break.

You are standing- actually you did this before you started crawling. In fact, standing is your favorite thing to do. The other day we caught you standing in your crib, looking out the window, watching the people outside. You were supposed to be sleeping. You will use anything in reach to get yourself up. Your parents have turned into Mount Mama and Dada as you treat us like something to climb and conquer.

You wave goodbye. On command. It’s really sweet although I am not sure you fully realize that doing so means the person is going to disappear. You look so happy waving your arm up and down with a grin on your face and then a look of confusion sets in as the waving stops and you are left on your own- like what a let down.

BOOKS- Your Brown Bear board book has turned into a real page turner- literally. I can’t read the words fast enough before you have excitedly turned the page and squealed at the next image. We’ve read this book every night, but all of a sudden it’s turned into your new favorite. You’ve become particular with your tastes in story telling and will absolutely NOT sit through a book that isn’t to your liking. Fortunately for me I agree with you on most of your opinions.

SOUNDS- I swear you are getting closer to saying mama. I heard an “m” sound come out of your mouth the other day. You are big into mimicking right now. When I blow a raspberry you will do it back. Again and again. Today I gave a pretend scream when you grabbed my hair (something you do often) and you started doing your version of a high pitched scream. You and I went back and forth with our screaming for quite awhile. We probably needed to get out.

You have the strangest sense of humor. The most unpredictable things will make you laugh. Forget peek a boo and blowing on your belly. You laugh when I say “google” or “donkey” and don’t ask why I said donkey in the first place. I had you in a full on- knee slapping- falling over laugh when I put my hair band in my mouth and made a grrrrr sound. Don’t ask why I put it in my mouth and made a grrrrrrr sound. We probably needed to get out.

FAVORITE TOYS- keys, cell phone, pens, glasses- both meanings of the word, straws, computer keyboard, vacuum, mail. All of which you try to put into your mouth. I am sure everything is super toxic and double dipped in lead. But at least the real toys that sit in your room collecting dust are safe.

Kansas City

May 7, 2008

At 8 months old you have just returned from your first official trip/plane ride/time change. So maybe it wasn’t an adventurous trip to a glamorous city, but it was to my hometown. Your Midwestern Mama introduced you to a place where the people are forever friendly and the pace is a little slower. Thanks for hanging in there as I dragged you around to see all the important faces and places from my childhood. Photos seen here.

Roman in Flight

May 7, 2008

Seven Months Old (video)

May 7, 2008