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Nine Months Old

June 26, 2008

Roman you are so amazing. These days you are acting very kid like, hardly a baby any more. You are doing grown up kind of things.

TALKING & LAUGHING-The sounds you have been making are very different from the cooing baby sounds you used to make. Now you babble all day long and I have caught on that certain sounds have specific meaning. When you want something (the cell phone I am using) or want my attention you will do a pretend cough which sounds more like a hacking noise. At first I really thought you had a cold or were choking, but soon realized clever little you knew exactly what you were doing. Since figuring out your tactics the coughing has mysteriously ended. When you see something you like (ducks, dogs, dad) or think something is funny you’ll make a fast “ha ah ha” noise- sounds like panting or hyperventilating. Again I thought something was wrong with you until I caught on. You whisper to yourself when you are in deep concentration or when you think you are alone riding in the back of the car. It is SO cute! But my favorite one of all is when you are frustrated (usually during a diaper or clothing change) and you sound just like an angry old man mumbling and cursing. Your face gets all red and scrunched and you start a series of “mmmm, ddddd, err, ugh, grrr” while your mouth stays tightly closed. I know you are trying very hard to express your dissatisfaction, but it is nearly impossible NOT to laugh at the effort.

PLAY TIME- Your ability to enjoy playing has made our days so much more fun! We walk to the park with a swing almost everyday. You like to be pushed and love it if I grab your legs in mid air, hold you there for a second, then let go. You also like to play with your ball- you’ll push it around the room and crawl to get it. I’ve caught you playing on your own for several minutes with a toy car. It has three whimsical little animals that fit inside- you like the animals as much as the car. What makes me laugh is that you turn the car over to examine the bottom and touch every little tiny detail- EVERY single time. Lately we have been playing:

* PATTY CAKE- You move your hands up and down instead of side to side as I sing the song. Sometimes so fast that you’ll hit yourself in the face. This hand motion seems to be your version of clapping- you’ve been breaking into applause a lot lately!

* GET THE BABY- Your dad and I will crawl around shouting “I’m going to get you” and you squeal and laugh and try to crawl away. We tickle you when you get caught, but you like being chased more than you like the tickling part.

*HIDE AND SEEK- You crawl behind your crib and peek your head out to see if I’m looking. Then I’ll say “I see you” and you giggle and crawl back behind the crib. This can go on for quite awhile.

*THIS LITTLE PIGGY- The anticipation of getting to that last toe that gets tickled sends you into a build up of smiles and laughter. The minute I start the rhyme you smile and by the time I have reached your chubby little pinky toe you are giggling and pushing my hand away- as if to say stop, no don’t stop, okay stop, I can’t stand it.

FOOD- You have moved on from purées and only want finger foods. Not that you were ever really into purées and rice cereal to begin with. We caught on when you repeatedly shook your head no at the sight of a spoon coming toward your mouth, but wanted to eat Cheerios and dried fruit all day long. So far you have tried and liked: grapes, cheese, pita, croissants, black beans and apples. As you can tell you have moved beyond your orange food preference. Good thing because we were starting to run out of options.

FLIRTING- You have become the biggest flirt when we are out. It is getting a little over the top if you ask me, but you never fail to work your charm on everyone. The lady at the bank, the checker at the grocery store, neighbors, old people, young people, big, small- you don’t discriminate. You LOVE it if someone acknowledges you. Any initiation from a stranger will bring on your bright eyes and huge grin. Then you are usually told how cute you are- to which you smile even bigger and turn your head in a bashful kind of way. It’s magic. Your ability to bring out a smile and positive comment from a total stranger has put me on a 9 month (and counting) high. Thank you!


New Traditions

June 25, 2008

We just got back from a family vacation to the desert. Your dad and I have taken loads of trips together before you were born. We always had a blast discovering a new city or relaxing in the sun. So we were a little nervous to take this family trip. Not knowing what to expect, surely this vacation couldn’t be as good as one when it was just the two of us. Well it wasn’t as good… it was better! The three of us spent our days at the pool playing in the sun as a family. You had the staff at the hotel wrapped around your little finger- they called you the Smiley Baby. A woman who worked at a café looked forward to seeing you every morning. The feeling was mutual because when you and your dad would walk to the café to get coffee and tea you would get wide eyed and a huge grin would come across your face at the sight of the shop. Once inside you turned on the charm smiling and waving which scored free pastries and beverages. We promise we put the unused money in your college fund.

Thanks for making our first family trip the best surprise. Our lives are better than we ever could have imagined now that you are here.

Mom and Dad

Can you say walking?

June 17, 2008

Mr. Roman,

Today was a very special day. You took your very first steps! Four to be exact- towards me- the Mama. This makes up for hearing you say Dada all day long for sure!

I love you so much. Now stop growing because I can’t stand how fast it is going.

Bella Giornata

June 12, 2008

Today was the first nice day in a really, really long time. You and I were dying to get out of the house and back to our usual mid afternoon walk to the park. Apparently every other mom/nanny and child in our neighborhood was feeling the same way.

The normally quiet park was packed with grownups and kids. You took a huge interest in all the kids even though they were considerably older. You wanted to watch the kids more than you wanted to swing or slide. Each time a child would run in your direction you would start bobbing up and down, squealing with excitement. One after the other ran past without a single acknowledgment and eventually your excitement disappeared. I started to feel kind of bad for you. Like you were the new kid in the lunch room and nobody wanted you to sit at their table.

In full mom mode I surveyed the park and spotted a toddler. A one year old. An adorable little girl with a nice enough looking mom. Jackpot. Adorable girl was busy playing in the bark with a plastic truck. I carried you over, sat you down next to her. Immediately you made eye contact, gave a huge smile and started babbling to her. She babbled back and then the two of you were playing trucks and talking about who knows what. Perfection. I gave a smile to nice looking mom as if to say, how cute our kids are playing together. Nothing. How can this be? Maybe she didn’t see me. She was sitting on the bench a little distance away. So I smiled again. I got a slight smirk back. Okay fine, whatever. Just as I’m about to start making a prejudgment about the now not so nice mom she comes over, leans down and starts speaking in a foreign language- I think Italian. She didn’t speak English and I don’t speak Italian. Good thing you and adorable girl both spoke baby.

Water Babies

June 9, 2008

Roman in his weekly swim class with Natalie.

May Photos

June 9, 2008

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Friends with You!

June 2, 2008

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