Bella Giornata


Today was the first nice day in a really, really long time. You and I were dying to get out of the house and back to our usual mid afternoon walk to the park. Apparently every other mom/nanny and child in our neighborhood was feeling the same way.

The normally quiet park was packed with grownups and kids. You took a huge interest in all the kids even though they were considerably older. You wanted to watch the kids more than you wanted to swing or slide. Each time a child would run in your direction you would start bobbing up and down, squealing with excitement. One after the other ran past without a single acknowledgment and eventually your excitement disappeared. I started to feel kind of bad for you. Like you were the new kid in the lunch room and nobody wanted you to sit at their table.

In full mom mode I surveyed the park and spotted a toddler. A one year old. An adorable little girl with a nice enough looking mom. Jackpot. Adorable girl was busy playing in the bark with a plastic truck. I carried you over, sat you down next to her. Immediately you made eye contact, gave a huge smile and started babbling to her. She babbled back and then the two of you were playing trucks and talking about who knows what. Perfection. I gave a smile to nice looking mom as if to say, how cute our kids are playing together. Nothing. How can this be? Maybe she didn’t see me. She was sitting on the bench a little distance away. So I smiled again. I got a slight smirk back. Okay fine, whatever. Just as I’m about to start making a prejudgment about the now not so nice mom she comes over, leans down and starts speaking in a foreign language- I think Italian. She didn’t speak English and I don’t speak Italian. Good thing you and adorable girl both spoke baby.


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