New Traditions


We just got back from a family vacation to the desert. Your dad and I have taken loads of trips together before you were born. We always had a blast discovering a new city or relaxing in the sun. So we were a little nervous to take this family trip. Not knowing what to expect, surely this vacation couldn’t be as good as one when it was just the two of us. Well it wasn’t as good… it was better! The three of us spent our days at the pool playing in the sun as a family. You had the staff at the hotel wrapped around your little finger- they called you the Smiley Baby. A woman who worked at a café looked forward to seeing you every morning. The feeling was mutual because when you and your dad would walk to the café to get coffee and tea you would get wide eyed and a huge grin would come across your face at the sight of the shop. Once inside you turned on the charm smiling and waving which scored free pastries and beverages. We promise we put the unused money in your college fund.

Thanks for making our first family trip the best surprise. Our lives are better than we ever could have imagined now that you are here.

Mom and Dad


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