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Where’s the music?

July 26, 2008


Music has been a big part of your life so it seemed fitting to post your absolute favorite mix. You listen to Funk With Kids every single day- the beginning track is the best and it gets you bopping up and down. We don’t mind listening to it over and over either. Sure beats Raffi!

Listen here.


Mr. Trouble

July 23, 2008

Likes and Dislikes

July 16, 2008

At 10 months old, here are some of your likes and dislikes:

*Being taken out of the crib- you love it when we enter the room to come get you after a sleep. You’ll be standing at the far right corner of your crib just waiting anxiously. The moment you see your dad or myself you’ll start squealing and jumping for joy. It’s the best greeting in the world!
*Music- you have this “funk with kids” playlist which you just love! As soon as I press play you’ll look up at me with a huge smile on your face and then you start bobbing up and down which is currently your version of dancing.
*Books- my oh my how you adore books. Before a nap or before you go to bed at night we’ll cuddle in the rocker and read 5, 6, 7 books- sometimes over and over. It’s a great time of the day and definitely the only time you’ll sit still for such a length of time.
*Swimming- this summer we’re taking swim lessons at a neighborhood outdoor pool. Every Monday and Wednesday we walk to an early evening lesson where you are the only boy in a class full of girls. Lucky you!
*Walks to the park- almost every day we head to the neighborhood park- the only local park with a bucket swing. You LOVE swinging! As soon as you see one you get excited- arms and legs kicking and moving. Then when I put you in the swing you calm down, enjoy the wind in your hair and take in the view of all the others moms and kids. I think you could swing forever.
*Sesame Street- each morning as I attempt to feed you breakfast, you sit in your high chair and enjoy about 10 minutes of Elmo, Big Bird, Ernie, etc. Your favorite is The Count. You’ll point and wave to him on the tv and giggle when he finally gets to that much anticipated number of the day.
*Knobs, doors, drawers- it took no time at all for you to figure out how to pull knobs, open drawers and shut doors. Of course this has lead to your new favorite thing to do- open a drawer of clothes and take EVERYTHING out!
*People- not at all shy, you will walk right up to a complete stranger and introduce yourself. You’re really friendly with other kids- especially girls. You like to go for the eyes and try to lick arms. It’s not exactly an approach that will work long term, but it is original.
*Your buddy- we got you this small wooden action figure (see in photo above) and it has become your absolute favorite item. Your chubby little hand grasps this toy all day and all night. On a walk, while eating, swinging, taking a bath, even while nursing you don’t let go to your new best friend.

*Dogs barking- a loud bark startles you and the look on your face is priceless- like what the? Why is that dog making all that noise? Sometimes a really loud bark will make you cry.
*Force feeding- I use this word sarcastically, but you’d think we were force feeding you poison by your reaction to any food being brought toward your face. You cannot stand it when someone tries to put something into your mouth- you want to do it yourself. This goes for more than just food- like a finger trying to feel for teeth.
*Face or hands wiped- in addition to all the fun I have trying to feed you food at each meal, it gets better when I try to wipe your hands and face. You bring on the drama with tears and screams and I swear the neighbors think I am abusing you- uh no  just trying to wipe the sweet potato off.
*Diaper changes- you are on the go and you can’t be stopped even for a brief diaper change. When I lay you down for a change you get so frustrated and squirm and squeal and fling your arms and legs all over. This of course makes changing you take twice as long, but you haven’t figured that out yet.
*Being inside too long- you get so cranky and bored if we are cooped up inside for more than an hour. This means I have to keep you busy, busy, busy- walks, trips to the park, visits to the pool, anything that is active and stimulating. You hate to stay still!

Walk the Line

July 15, 2008

Roman you have become OBSESSED with walking! It’s all you do- I’m not kidding- all day long you walk, fall, walk, fall, walk…

The practicing has paid off because you are getting really good and have forgotten about crawling completely. You’ve moved on leaving your parents in the dust.

For the traveling Dada

July 8, 2008

While you are away in L.A. on business here is what’s been going on in Mr. Roman’s life:

At swim lessons Roman initiated getting into the pool- he’d sit on the edge all by himself, I’d say “It’s time to get in the pool” and he’d lean right in almost like a dive. He’s obsessed with that animal sounds book and tries to mimic the whoo whoo noise an owl makes. Roman’s new thing today is that he’s been pointing at everything. Pointing at his ABC wall cards which he wants to touch. Pointing at Knuffle Bunny which he wants to read. Pointing at kids at the park- probably wanted to touch them too.

Oh and he is still working on those three teeth.

Double Digits

July 6, 2008

Yesterday you turned 10 months old. Double digits. This means you’ve been in the world longer than you were inside me. Funny because the 40 weeks (almost 42) I waited to meet you seemed to take forever. Those last few days felt like slow motion- you couldn’t have come soon enough. Then you were born and my world started moving at a scary sped up pace. Days have blurred into weeks that have blurred into months. I can’t see how much you’ve grown until your pajamas are too small- a revelation that continues to shock me. Maybe it’s that I am in total denial. Maybe since I am with you every single second of the day I just can’t see it. You are growing up. Everyone says it goes by so fast. Everyone is right.