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Last Days of Summer

August 23, 2008

After too many rainy days that were becoming a painful reminder of the season to come, summer returned just in time for the weekend. Our Saturday started with a walk to our favorite park with our favorite cousin and his parents. You are one lucky boy to have Alec to play with!

A brief pit stop/nap and it was on to the local doughnut shop for your first taste of sugar. Anyone who reads this and knows your parents will be as shocked as we were to know that you got a bite… or two… or three of the sweet goodness. What can we say, the sugar must have gone to our heads or maybe all that much needed vitamin d impaired our better judgment. How could we deny this face?

Still high from the Top Pot, we finished the day with an impromptu evening swim at our neighborhood pool. At a time when you would usually be asleep in bed, you were splashing and squealing with delight. We played as a family in the warm pool water as the sun set around us. The perfect end to the perfect summer day.


Sticky Fingers

August 19, 2008

Roman, you do 11 months well. Everything is so new an amazing through your eyes. Still so innocent and not yet old enough for tantrums, this stage seems to be a sweet spot.

Each night after dinner we’ve been taking walks down to the lake so you can play and run around. As soon as I take you out of the stroller you are off running.  First you check out the fountain. Then it’s on to the ducks in the water. Next you try to pick up leaves or rocks or something worse and put them in your mouth. You notice every little spec on the ground- gum, pebbles, water drops- you have to stop and touch it all. This time of night the area is usually packed with people and that couldn’t make you any happier. You run up to strangers sitting on benches. You stand right in front of them smiling and waving, waiting for them to give you their glasses or cell phones or purses. You are really good at getting what you want. Then I have to step in to make sure you don’t run off with someones belongings. Like I’ve trained you to pick pocket. One time a sweet older man let you play with his cane and you took off running in the other direction with the large pole in hand. Luckily everyone is always super nice and mostly you just succeed in getting lots of smiles and praise. No wonder you like going out!

Walk the Dog

August 10, 2008

July Photos

August 7, 2008

Click here for July photos.

Just Call Me Your Personal Story Teller

August 7, 2008

Lately- okay several times a day- you have been interacting with me through books. You’ll go pick a book off the shelf- clarification- not just any book, you have definite favorites. You study each cover, looking on the front and then turning to the back with great concentration. Finally deciding on the perfect book,  you carefully carry- with both hands- your selection over to me. How can I resist? I stop whatever I am doing, sit down and story time begins. What is absolutely adorable is the way your face lights up when I start reading. You scrunch up your nose and put your hands to your face with excitement and anticipation. As I read you stand right in front of me turning each page until we get to the last. You just can’t bare to hear those final words “the end” so you turn the pages in the other direction. Usually I read the book twice before you are off to find another. This simple event has brought me much joy on many levels. I adore that we are sharing a love for picture books. I am amazed that you are able to show preference. Most of all I thank you for forcing me to pause and enjoy the moment.

The current list of what you’ve been handing me to read and usually in this order:
Knuffle Bunny- #1 favorite- this one we HAVE to read twice!
I am a bunny
Touch and Feel- non specific, any version is acceptable
Peek a who?
Good Night Moon- but you make me skip past the black and white pages.
Elmer’s Day
Brown Bear- you turn the pages fast for this one so I read very fast until we arrive at the page with all the kids faces- for that page you pause and take a longer look.


August 3, 2008

Dear Roman,
Your tenth month of life was filled with tons of firsts- lots of milestone moments!

You gave up crawling entirely and are officially a walker. Actually maybe runner is a better title. You can keep up with the bigger kids- you just fall a lot more. Boy do you have the bruises to show for all the running into walls and falling into furniture! Oh and you LOVE being chased by us! We’ll run behind you yelling, “I’m going to get you” as you run and scream in the other direction.

You are very aware. This became apparent the other afternoon when my cell phone rang. You heard the ringing and looked at me. I explained to you that the phone was ringing. You stared right at me then left the room only to return holding your toy phone which you handed to me. I just stood there for a moment. Then pulled it together enough to thank you for bringing me the phone and pretended to start talking on it.

Bring on the teeth! Almost ten months to the day your top left tooth started coming in. Followed quickly with the bottom left tooth, then the top right and now the bottom right and everything in between. At last count there were six teeth peeking through.

You slept through the night. Something we thought would never come. Maybe that’s why I took it a little hard when you actually slept from 11p.m. to 7 a.m. I was getting used to our middle of the night rendezvous. No more *needing your Mama at 2 or 3 or 4 a.m. for comfort. We were so proud of you though. It’s a huge accomplishment on your part! Very big boy of you. Oh and not to worry I have gotten over my weepiness and loving the 7+ hours of sleep so don’t go getting any ideas about waking up again!

*Maybe I spoke too soon about not needing me at 2 or 3 or 4 a.m. It seems you have regressed a bit- two steps forward one step back.