Just Call Me Your Personal Story Teller


Lately- okay several times a day- you have been interacting with me through books. You’ll go pick a book off the shelf- clarification- not just any book, you have definite favorites. You study each cover, looking on the front and then turning to the back with great concentration. Finally deciding on the perfect book,  you carefully carry- with both hands- your selection over to me. How can I resist? I stop whatever I am doing, sit down and story time begins. What is absolutely adorable is the way your face lights up when I start reading. You scrunch up your nose and put your hands to your face with excitement and anticipation. As I read you stand right in front of me turning each page until we get to the last. You just can’t bare to hear those final words “the end” so you turn the pages in the other direction. Usually I read the book twice before you are off to find another. This simple event has brought me much joy on many levels. I adore that we are sharing a love for picture books. I am amazed that you are able to show preference. Most of all I thank you for forcing me to pause and enjoy the moment.

The current list of what you’ve been handing me to read and usually in this order:
Knuffle Bunny- #1 favorite- this one we HAVE to read twice!
I am a bunny
Touch and Feel- non specific, any version is acceptable
Peek a who?
Good Night Moon- but you make me skip past the black and white pages.
Elmer’s Day
Brown Bear- you turn the pages fast for this one so I read very fast until we arrive at the page with all the kids faces- for that page you pause and take a longer look.


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