Sticky Fingers


Roman, you do 11 months well. Everything is so new an amazing through your eyes. Still so innocent and not yet old enough for tantrums, this stage seems to be a sweet spot.

Each night after dinner we’ve been taking walks down to the lake so you can play and run around. As soon as I take you out of the stroller you are off running.  First you check out the fountain. Then it’s on to the ducks in the water. Next you try to pick up leaves or rocks or something worse and put them in your mouth. You notice every little spec on the ground- gum, pebbles, water drops- you have to stop and touch it all. This time of night the area is usually packed with people and that couldn’t make you any happier. You run up to strangers sitting on benches. You stand right in front of them smiling and waving, waiting for them to give you their glasses or cell phones or purses. You are really good at getting what you want. Then I have to step in to make sure you don’t run off with someones belongings. Like I’ve trained you to pick pocket. One time a sweet older man let you play with his cane and you took off running in the other direction with the large pole in hand. Luckily everyone is always super nice and mostly you just succeed in getting lots of smiles and praise. No wonder you like going out!


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