Last Days of Summer


After too many rainy days that were becoming a painful reminder of the season to come, summer returned just in time for the weekend. Our Saturday started with a walk to our favorite park with our favorite cousin and his parents. You are one lucky boy to have Alec to play with!

A brief pit stop/nap and it was on to the local doughnut shop for your first taste of sugar. Anyone who reads this and knows your parents will be as shocked as we were to know that you got a bite… or two… or three of the sweet goodness. What can we say, the sugar must have gone to our heads or maybe all that much needed vitamin d impaired our better judgment. How could we deny this face?

Still high from the Top Pot, we finished the day with an impromptu evening swim at our neighborhood pool. At a time when you would usually be asleep in bed, you were splashing and squealing with delight. We played as a family in the warm pool water as the sun set around us. The perfect end to the perfect summer day.


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