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September 28, 2008

Animal Sounds

September 26, 2008

Dear Roman,
You are a boy of few words. We are just waiting for you to say a complete sentence because it seems like you are saving all your energy for something big. In the meantime as we wait for you to break out your speech on current affairs, we delight in the notion that you are very good at roaring like a lion, barking like a seal, trumpeting like an elephant, whooing like an owl and you do a mean monkey impression.

Baby Boogie Woogie

September 16, 2008

Dear Roman,

At a year old you’ve already decided that you are perfectly fine without the security of your mama. I am having visions of you demanding I walk five steps behind you at the mall.

I signed us up for Baby Boogie Woogie. Once a week we meet with other kiddos and their parents/nannies for some good old song and dance. In a class of six toddlers you are the youngest, smallest, and most independent.

The fun starts with our teacher leading us in a round of songs while we sit in a circle. I say WE, but should clarify that everyone but YOU sits in a circle. Roman, you run around inside and out of the circle smiling and waving at everyone. Next the teacher has us all stand up (you’re already standing) for another song as she shows us some hand movements and dance steps that we are to do. As I’m singing and dancing (looking completely ridiculous I am certain) in the circle with everyone else (who look completely ridiculous) you are around the corner drumming on some tucked away chairs. Not a moment too soon the teacher goes to a closet and brings out a basket of toys. You are intrigued and abandon your drum solo to come check out what’s in the basket. PUPPETS! We all pick out a furry friend and are instructed to have our bear, cat, bunny or in your case Dalmatian join us as we sing yet another song I can only half remember from my own childhood. I play along and put your dog on my one hand and a ladybug on the other committing myself to looking even more ridiculous if this is possible. You look around the circle at all the stuffed toys and abandon me once again so you can go from one adult/child pair to another giving puppets a kiss and peers a wave. You finish by joining the teacher at the front of the room for a duet. For 45 minutes I watch you work the room as I sit- the only adult without a child in my lap.

The truth is I adore watching you interact and I’m proud to know you feel secure enough to explore independently. You may not know it, but you still need your mama. After all, who enrolled you in Baby Boogie Woogie to begin with?

Cupcakes in the Park

September 6, 2008

Thanks to all our friends and family (and far away family who were there in spirit) for coming to celebrate Mr. Roman’s first birthday! He had a blast! See photos here.

Happy Birthday Roman!

September 5, 2008

On 9.5.2007 at 9:19 PM and after 32+ hours of labor ( I will be reminding you of this for the rest of your life) you were born. At that very moment we kissed our fine dining, sleeping in, relaxing vacationing lifestyle goodbye and we said hello to YOU:

A charming little guy with piercing blue eyes and a shy grin. Happy with a tummy full of milk, a good book (Knuffle Bunny), a bouncy ball in one hand and something with buttons in the other. Completely content on a daily walk around the neighborhood.  You are STRONG- held head up from day one, DETERMINED-walked at 10 months, CURIOUS- examine every object known to exist and FULL OF LIFE- college would be paid for if we had a dollar for every stranger you made smile.

So cheers to you Roman- our milk drunk newborn, observant 3 month old, thoughtful 6 month old, ambitious 9 month old, social 11 month old. You have made our lives brighter and have shown us our real purpose.

we love you!
your parents

Easy There Tiger

September 1, 2008

It’s official Roman, you have your very first girlfriend.

Saving these pictures to embarrass you with in high school.


your parents