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October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

October 31, 2008

Dear Roman,

This holiday was made for you and here’s why…

Halloween books have cats and owls in them- your two favorite animals.

Pumpkins are big, round, orange objects that resemble balls- your favorite toy.

Ghosts and goblins have crazy googly eyes and eyes are your favorite body part.

You love playing IN and OUT. While trick or treating you got to practice putting candy IN your bag.  Your parents got to practice taking your hard earned candy OUT of your bag and put it IN their mouths. We totally owe you.

The Thinker

October 29, 2008

Dear Roman,

This week you started talking with your hands. Expressing every emotion through your chubby little palms.  A moment of frustration and your hands are gripping your head. Something drops and your hands fly into the air. But my personal favorite is this photo. The extra drama created with each gesture is absolutely hilarious to watch.

Argh Matey

October 29, 2008

A Halloween preview…

Art Appreciation

October 22, 2008

It’s pretty ironic really that you’ll taste a green marker but you won’t go near, won’t look at, won’t touch, won’t even consider eating food that is green.

Roman meets Hoover

October 22, 2008

At 13 months you are all about interaction and imitation. This new stage is extremely entertaining for your parents and here’s why:

I caught you handing the vacuum some books and bringing it toys to play with. This act wasn’t all that surprising because you share everything. Toys with other kids when we are out and with your stuffed animals (or the vacuum)  when we are home. Pretty much any object you think is extra special you will hand to someone or something around you so they too can get a look.

You get a twinkle in your eye, tilt your head toward your shoulder and get a funny little grin on your face before you go in for a hug. I can’t predict what you’ll fall in love with. Of course you are always up for showing affection toward the obvious- parents, other children, stuffed animals. But I have also seen you hug characters in your books. My personal favorite- you hugged the plate you were eating off of. This particular plate had an image of little monster on it. I watched you take all the food off so you could get a better look, you pointed out the monster’s eyes and picked up the plate to give it a good hug.

Getting dressed used to be a daily struggle. You hated being forced to sit still. Now you are starting to participate in the process by laying clothes on the appropriate body part. I watch you try to put a hat on top of your head, lay socks on top of your feet, etc. Then you run off as clothing flies behind you.

Speaking of running off-  it’s pretty hard to get a good photo of you these days because you are constantly in motion. I can hardly keep up!



Class is in Session

October 13, 2008

Dear Roman,
Today you and I attended our first Parent Toddler class. Once a week for a couple hours we will be going to school together!

Today we arrived just in time for snacks. Toddlers sat in miniature chairs at miniature tables eating from miniatures bowls and spoons and drinking from miniature glasses. From their chairs the babies (all at once) turned in our direction as we entered, stared at us for a second or two and then went back to eating. It was pretty much the cutest thing ever.

I looked around and noticed that the classroom was broken up into play stations. There was a ball pit, a play kitchen, a reading area, music area, gym area. Colorful mobiles hung from the ceiling and photos of animals covered the walls. The lighting was perfect. The mood was calm. All the adults were speaking in soft voices.

A teacher greeted you and I and told us to come join the class when we were ready. Without hesitation you headed straight for the ball pit and immediately started making friends. I was left standing alone- looking a bit awkward and feeling a little unsure about what I should do. Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? Then I saw you hug and kiss two girls who were also playing in the balls. This display of affection got a round of “aww how sweet” from some other moms who looked around to see who you belonged to and instantly I too was part of the group. Thanks Roman!

Autumn in Oregon

October 11, 2008

Fall is here and so are some new photos. Check out our October album.

13 months of sleep deprivation can’t be good

October 9, 2008

Dear Roman,
Your Mom likes her sleep. Before you were born it wasn’t uncommon to find me still in bed at 10 am on a weekend. Getting 9 + hours of uninterrupted sleep a night was the norm. I have always been a sleeper. So the story goes I was sleeping in until 10 am since the day I was born. As a child I had to be woken up for everything- breakfast, school, even Christmas morning.

Your dad likes his sleep too. It’s one of the things I love about him. He falls asleep in record time and goes into such a deep slumber that hardly anything can wake him. Not even my elbow nudging him in the side and murmuring something like, “baby crying, needs pacifier” will get your Dad to open his eyes.

So imagine our surprise when we brought you home and discovered that you like to wake up every few hours. How could two sleep lovers have a child that… gasp…doesn’t sleep? Roman, buddy, sleep is good. Trust us. The 10pm, 1am, 2am and 5am nightly wake up calls have to end soon or we are going to donate you to a sleep research lap.

Pop Ups, Waving and Head Shaking

October 8, 2008

Dear Roman,
I’ve been meaning to document the latest and greatest things you do, but we’ve been so busy living life that I haven’t had a moment. Until I can compose a proper list of your latest skills, here’s what we’ve been up to…

Every day after you wake up from your nap we sit down together and look through a pop up version of Alice In Wonderland by J Otto Seibold. It’s the best. Your little pointer finger touches everything there is to feel, pull and push. My favorite is how you wave and say, “hi” to Alice every time you spot her in a scene. You also notice all the images (rabbit, cat, Alice) with eyes and make sure I see them too- “eye, eye, eye” over and over. I should note that you’ve become fascinated with eyes.

Today on our walk we passed a street full of stopped traffic. You waved and said “hi” to every single car we passed. I saw a lot of faces break a smile at the sight of you waving from your stroller.

As your parents, we’ve been using the word “no” with you when appropriate for quite awhile now. But just recently you’ve added a head shake from side to side when told not to touch or do something. Your head shaking usually precedes the act itself and gives you away. I saw you walking and shaking your head, realized you were headed toward the “no touch” lamp, reminded you it was off limits and you smiled at me and walked the other direction. Other times the shake reveals an act. Today I was cutting potatoes while you were… well you were very quiet for way too long.  I called for you and saw you saunter out of the office with the biggest smile on your face and your cute little head shaking no no no. Not a good sign! I ran into the office to see your destruction- papers everywhere, printers blinking, orders scattered.

Just another day in the life of Mr. Roman.
We love you.

*This photo was taken on a weekend getaway to the Coast with Uncle Rob, Aunt Lindsay and Cousin Alec. After an unexpected delay (accident on the highway caused 6+ hours stuck in the car going nowhere fast in the middle of who knows where) an unexpected pit stop in Portland for a night (6+ hours sitting in car not moving = pulling over for the night and checking into nice hotel with good room service) and a very unexpected 5:45 am wake up call (hotel fire alarm went off causing us to wake you- the sleeping babe- at 5:45 am and we evacuated into the pouring rain) we finally made it to Cannon Beach, OR. Your uncle, aunt and cousin awaited us with open arms and lots of toy trains. The weekend was perfect although much too short and you found an idol in your adorable older cousin. There’s a picture of Alec hanging on the wall in our house and since we’ve returned from vacation you can’t pass it without smiling, pointing and trying your hardest to say, “Alec.”