Pop Ups, Waving and Head Shaking


Dear Roman,
I’ve been meaning to document the latest and greatest things you do, but we’ve been so busy living life that I haven’t had a moment. Until I can compose a proper list of your latest skills, here’s what we’ve been up to…

Every day after you wake up from your nap we sit down together and look through a pop up version of Alice In Wonderland by J Otto Seibold. It’s the best. Your little pointer finger touches everything there is to feel, pull and push. My favorite is how you wave and say, “hi” to Alice every time you spot her in a scene. You also notice all the images (rabbit, cat, Alice) with eyes and make sure I see them too- “eye, eye, eye” over and over. I should note that you’ve become fascinated with eyes.

Today on our walk we passed a street full of stopped traffic. You waved and said “hi” to every single car we passed. I saw a lot of faces break a smile at the sight of you waving from your stroller.

As your parents, we’ve been using the word “no” with you when appropriate for quite awhile now. But just recently you’ve added a head shake from side to side when told not to touch or do something. Your head shaking usually precedes the act itself and gives you away. I saw you walking and shaking your head, realized you were headed toward the “no touch” lamp, reminded you it was off limits and you smiled at me and walked the other direction. Other times the shake reveals an act. Today I was cutting potatoes while you were… well you were very quiet for way too long.  I called for you and saw you saunter out of the office with the biggest smile on your face and your cute little head shaking no no no. Not a good sign! I ran into the office to see your destruction- papers everywhere, printers blinking, orders scattered.

Just another day in the life of Mr. Roman.
We love you.

*This photo was taken on a weekend getaway to the Coast with Uncle Rob, Aunt Lindsay and Cousin Alec. After an unexpected delay (accident on the highway caused 6+ hours stuck in the car going nowhere fast in the middle of who knows where) an unexpected pit stop in Portland for a night (6+ hours sitting in car not moving = pulling over for the night and checking into nice hotel with good room service) and a very unexpected 5:45 am wake up call (hotel fire alarm went off causing us to wake you- the sleeping babe- at 5:45 am and we evacuated into the pouring rain) we finally made it to Cannon Beach, OR. Your uncle, aunt and cousin awaited us with open arms and lots of toy trains. The weekend was perfect although much too short and you found an idol in your adorable older cousin. There’s a picture of Alec hanging on the wall in our house and since we’ve returned from vacation you can’t pass it without smiling, pointing and trying your hardest to say, “Alec.”


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