13 months of sleep deprivation can’t be good


Dear Roman,
Your Mom likes her sleep. Before you were born it wasn’t uncommon to find me still in bed at 10 am on a weekend. Getting 9 + hours of uninterrupted sleep a night was the norm. I have always been a sleeper. So the story goes I was sleeping in until 10 am since the day I was born. As a child I had to be woken up for everything- breakfast, school, even Christmas morning.

Your dad likes his sleep too. It’s one of the things I love about him. He falls asleep in record time and goes into such a deep slumber that hardly anything can wake him. Not even my elbow nudging him in the side and murmuring something like, “baby crying, needs pacifier” will get your Dad to open his eyes.

So imagine our surprise when we brought you home and discovered that you like to wake up every few hours. How could two sleep lovers have a child that… gasp…doesn’t sleep? Roman, buddy, sleep is good. Trust us. The 10pm, 1am, 2am and 5am nightly wake up calls have to end soon or we are going to donate you to a sleep research lap.


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