Class is in Session


Dear Roman,
Today you and I attended our first Parent Toddler class. Once a week for a couple hours we will be going to school together!

Today we arrived just in time for snacks. Toddlers sat in miniature chairs at miniature tables eating from miniatures bowls and spoons and drinking from miniature glasses. From their chairs the babies (all at once) turned in our direction as we entered, stared at us for a second or two and then went back to eating. It was pretty much the cutest thing ever.

I looked around and noticed that the classroom was broken up into play stations. There was a ball pit, a play kitchen, a reading area, music area, gym area. Colorful mobiles hung from the ceiling and photos of animals covered the walls. The lighting was perfect. The mood was calm. All the adults were speaking in soft voices.

A teacher greeted you and I and told us to come join the class when we were ready. Without hesitation you headed straight for the ball pit and immediately started making friends. I was left standing alone- looking a bit awkward and feeling a little unsure about what I should do. Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? Then I saw you hug and kiss two girls who were also playing in the balls. This display of affection got a round of “aww how sweet” from some other moms who looked around to see who you belonged to and instantly I too was part of the group. Thanks Roman!


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