Roman meets Hoover


At 13 months you are all about interaction and imitation. This new stage is extremely entertaining for your parents and here’s why:

I caught you handing the vacuum some books and bringing it toys to play with. This act wasn’t all that surprising because you share everything. Toys with other kids when we are out and with your stuffed animals (or the vacuum)  when we are home. Pretty much any object you think is extra special you will hand to someone or something around you so they too can get a look.

You get a twinkle in your eye, tilt your head toward your shoulder and get a funny little grin on your face before you go in for a hug. I can’t predict what you’ll fall in love with. Of course you are always up for showing affection toward the obvious- parents, other children, stuffed animals. But I have also seen you hug characters in your books. My personal favorite- you hugged the plate you were eating off of. This particular plate had an image of little monster on it. I watched you take all the food off so you could get a better look, you pointed out the monster’s eyes and picked up the plate to give it a good hug.

Getting dressed used to be a daily struggle. You hated being forced to sit still. Now you are starting to participate in the process by laying clothes on the appropriate body part. I watch you try to put a hat on top of your head, lay socks on top of your feet, etc. Then you run off as clothing flies behind you.

Speaking of running off-  it’s pretty hard to get a good photo of you these days because you are constantly in motion. I can hardly keep up!




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