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November 24, 2008


Dear Roman,
Today at preschool a mom came up to me to tell me she thought you were a really sweet boy who was courteous and compassionate toward the other kids. Very gentle.

She reminded me of something I jotted down about you last March. At 6 months Roman is- mellow, cautious, curious, thoughtful, observant, particular, gentle, shy. Back in March we were just discovering your personality. Our little family was getting to know each other and we were making our first observations about you. Months later I am reminded that you still possess all of those qualities.

So I thanked the mom for her kind words. But really I should be thanking you- for being the mellow, cautious, curious, thoughtful, observant, particular, gentle and now not so shy boy that you are. I’ll also add affectionate, busy, independent, playful, excellent communicator, and a pretty darn good dancer to the list.

Back in March I wrote that I felt privileged to be your mom. That couldn’t have been more true today.

I love you.


Here comes Christmas!

November 22, 2008


November 19, 2008


Dear Roman,

Today I had you help me pick out your outfit. I figured since you are all big boy now you’d be up for the task. I put out two shirts and asked you to pick the one you wanted to wear. You stood in front of the options carefully looking back and forth. Then you pointed and smiled at the black and white striped tee with a shark on the front. Next was pants. Again two options, but this time you made your decision very fast. Very decisive. I must say I think you did a really good job (see above pic) and I think you agree. I noticed you pointing to your shirt a lot during Gymboree class this afternoon like- hey look, I picked this shirt out myself!

14 Months

November 16, 2008


Dear Roman,
It is so much fun spending the days with you. We read, dance, play and explore. 14 months is a really great age for you because your attitude is positive, everything is exciting and you still want to hang out with your parents. Just look at all the amazing things you’ve been doing:

Climbing the stairs- you practice every day- going up and down and up and down. Climbing up the stairs is the easy part, but coming down requires extreme caution and concentration on your part. You slide down on your bottom, stopping at each step to gather your composure before tackling the next one. Finally when you reach the bottom step you get a big smile on your face, stand up and give yourself a round of applause. You deserve it for sure!

Books- pretty much your favorite thing to do when we are at home is pull books off your shelf and hand them to me to read to you. There are little rituals to our story time sessions- you hand me your stuffed owl to hold before you hand me a book and take a seat in my lap. Owl must be present and we always seem to read the same books… over and over and over. Current favorites are pop up books, touch and feel and word books. Favorite picture books are- Penguin Dreams, Double Those Wheels and Knuffle Bunny.

Showing us- the best thing you do is include us in your excitement for something new. It’s like you want us to be apart of your world and your discoveries. The other day we were at preschool together. You were busy exploring the play stations and I was sitting in another section of the classroom. I saw you barreling toward me, full speed ahead with a huge smile on your face. You stopped right in front of me trying hard to contain your sheer excitement, grabbed my arm and started pointing in the other direction. I stood up and followed you to a giant pumpkin that had taken the place of the usual balls in the ball pit. You were beyond thrilled and so was I. You wanted to share your moment with me. Even better- you do this all day long! Every exciting discovery is followed up with you showing your dad and I.

Getting our attention- whenever you see something you are curious about (either at home or when we are out) you will run over to me, lift your arms up and point in the direction of what you want. This happens a lot because you are very curious and want lots of things! But today you took it to the next level. While on a family trip to the grocery store a shiny Mylar balloon caught your eye. You started pointing and babbling and then I felt a little hand on my face pulling it in the direction of the balloon- like LOOK, LOOK, LOOOOOOOOK MOM!!!! Roman, Buddy- I promise I am looking! Must you grab my face too?

Sleeping- all of a sudden (with very little coaching on our part) you did something shocking… you started sleeping. No more waking in the middle of the night to eat! You are in bed by 6:30 every night and you pretty much sleep until 7 the next morning. Every morning we wake up to you playing in your crib- laughing and talking. You’ve also started to only take one nap a day- a 2+ hour one in the afternoon. It’s so big boy of you!

Speaking- you have full conversations of chatter and we have absolutely NO idea what you are saying. We apologize. Some words you are saying or trying to say are- mama, daddy, kitty cat, dog, robot, water, nana, up, owl, eye, hi, duck and bye.

Helper- you are becoming a very good helper and love to be included! I ask you to bring me things all the time- go get a toy, go get a book, etc. I’ll ask you to throw away your diaper or put your clothes in your drawer and you already have jobs you do around the house. Your job is to close the dishwasher door and you do it with complete pride. I’ll be loading dishes and you’ll drop what you are doing and run over to close the door- even though I’m not yet finished. Love the enthusiasm!

Most of all we love you!

Mom and Dad

I Love this Book!

November 15, 2008

Sopping Wet

November 12, 2008

Dear Roman,
Gone are the days of taking multiple walks to the lake or park. During the spring and summer you and I would walk every single day. You loved watching the world from your stroller and I loved the fresh air. We’d pack a lunch and head to the park where you’d run around or swing and I’d soak up the warm sun. Remember feeding the ducks, visiting the French bakery, playing in the fountain? Those were the days.

Before you were born I didn’t mind fall and winter. Cozy days spent indoors. The rain was an excuse not to do much. I’d curl up with a cup of tea or eat something hearty. Not anymore. We have been stuck indoors for what feels like eternity. You are getting cabin fever and I am going nuts. For a busy guy like you being cooped up inside for more than an hour is too much to bare let alone 2 days! There are only so many times in a day where you can play with the same toys or read the same books. I’ve lost my mind trying to keep you entertained and stimulated. Even preschool, Gymboree and a playdate were pathetic substitutions for the fun we had outdoors.

So I’ve decided the only way to survive the next few months is to suck it up, put on the rain gear and step outside. You’re going to get some good practice stomping through puddles and I’m going to get my sanity back!

Picture Day

November 10, 2008


Dear Roman,

Your first class photo! See the little guy on the bottom left with all the hair, he’s becoming a buddy of yours. The two of you like to play on the slide together and I catch you following each other around a lot. Three over from your slide buddy is the kid you like to high five during dance time. He’s pretty calm and quiet and I think you like that about him. Next to him is the little girl who pats your head and strokes your hair. Usually you are the one doing the patting and hugging so she surprises you. Next to her is the girl you play blocks with. You hand her one soft block after another and she hands them to her mom.

We take another picture at the end of the school year. I can’t even imagine how much you’ll change from now until then!

I love you,


Spin me round round

November 6, 2008

Lucky Tee

November 4, 2008


Dear Roman,

Today was a really important day. Today I took you with me to cast my vote for the next President of the United States (see above).You were the best boy just sitting in your stroller completely quiet so I could concentrate. As we left a volunteer handed you a sticker which pretty much made your day.

I remember when I was a child tagging along with my parents to the local church or school so they could vote. In my family it felt like a privledge to be participating in such an important event. It was something I looked forward to when I turned 18. So today was really special for your Mama because I got to introduce you to this experience. Even more special because your Dad and I feel like there is hope for your future.