Lucky Tee



Dear Roman,

Today was a really important day. Today I took you with me to cast my vote for the next President of the United States (see above).You were the best boy just sitting in your stroller completely quiet so I could concentrate. As we left a volunteer handed you a sticker which pretty much made your day.

I remember when I was a child tagging along with my parents to the local church or school so they could vote. In my family it felt like a privledge to be participating in such an important event. It was something I looked forward to when I turned 18. So today was really special for your Mama because I got to introduce you to this experience. Even more special because your Dad and I feel like there is hope for your future.


One Response to “Lucky Tee”

  1. Nanna and Poppi Says:

    Go Roman and go Obama !!!

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