Sopping Wet


Dear Roman,
Gone are the days of taking multiple walks to the lake or park. During the spring and summer you and I would walk every single day. You loved watching the world from your stroller and I loved the fresh air. We’d pack a lunch and head to the park where you’d run around or swing and I’d soak up the warm sun. Remember feeding the ducks, visiting the French bakery, playing in the fountain? Those were the days.

Before you were born I didn’t mind fall and winter. Cozy days spent indoors. The rain was an excuse not to do much. I’d curl up with a cup of tea or eat something hearty. Not anymore. We have been stuck indoors for what feels like eternity. You are getting cabin fever and I am going nuts. For a busy guy like you being cooped up inside for more than an hour is too much to bare let alone 2 days! There are only so many times in a day where you can play with the same toys or read the same books. I’ve lost my mind trying to keep you entertained and stimulated. Even preschool, Gymboree and a playdate were pathetic substitutions for the fun we had outdoors.

So I’ve decided the only way to survive the next few months is to suck it up, put on the rain gear and step outside. You’re going to get some good practice stomping through puddles and I’m going to get my sanity back!


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