Dear Roman,
Today at preschool a mom came up to me to tell me she thought you were a really sweet boy who was courteous and compassionate toward the other kids. Very gentle.

She reminded me of something I jotted down about you last March. At 6 months Roman is- mellow, cautious, curious, thoughtful, observant, particular, gentle, shy. Back in March we were just discovering your personality. Our little family was getting to know each other and we were making our first observations about you. Months later I am reminded that you still possess all of those qualities.

So I thanked the mom for her kind words. But really I should be thanking you- for being the mellow, cautious, curious, thoughtful, observant, particular, gentle and now not so shy boy that you are. I’ll also add affectionate, busy, independent, playful, excellent communicator, and a pretty darn good dancer to the list.

Back in March I wrote that I felt privileged to be your mom. That couldn’t have been more true today.

I love you.


4 Responses to “Preschool”

  1. Auntie Lindsay Says:

    There’s just one thing missing from the list: ADORABLE!


    And damn handsome !!!! 🙂

  3. Aunt Judith and Cousin Courtney Says:

    Natalie and Keith and Roman,

    love the picture! We cant wait to meet him!! Oh and you fogot cute as a button!!

    Love and miss you!!!

  4. Nanna and Poppi Says:

    You wouldn’t believe how much these words described Natalie at the same age !!

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