Pretty much the sweetest thing ever- your cousin Alec leaning in to give you a kiss from across the coffee table. And totally unrelated, but equally sweet…

This afternoon you and I made fudge. I put on the Christmas music, gave you a set of bowls to play with and started bringing the ingredients to a boil. Caught up in the moment I didn’t notice that you completely abandoned me. The fudge instructions demanded I stir “constantly and vigorously” for 5 minutes. What to do? Just as I was about to go looking, a blur that I call YOU whizzed by me with your hands full of crayons. Seeing I was busy, you decided to seize the moment and put crayons to hardwoods- working the floor like you were Pollack. NOT THE FLOORS!!!! Stirring with one hand I tried to get your attention with my other. Instead I knocked over an open bag of chocolates that poured across the floor. I scrambled to pick up the morsels as you abandoned your crayons to check out the scene. Never tasting a chocolate chip before it’s like you just inherently knew that what covered the floor was something delicious. You became a human vacuum and I was no match. The look on your face as you tasted a chocolate chip for the first time- pure joy- made me stop and smile. I joined you on the kitchen floor all covered in chocolate.  You sat in my lap and I let you lick a fudge covered spoon. For that moment I put aside the usual food rules- no sugar, no chocolate- and we sat together taking licks.


2 Responses to “Sweets”

  1. Nanna and Poppi Says:

    This is hilarious and well written !! You should write a book.
    One correction, though (it’s the English major in me !!) – it’s “seize”.

  2. Grandma Kathy Says:

    Natalie you crack me up,I could picture your delima. Your mom is right,
    hilarious and well written. I love that you sat on the floor with Roman and enjoyed the chocolate together,that is what moms are for.

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