15 Months Old



Dear Roman,
We’re right in the middle of the holiday season as you are in the middle of your 15 month of life. We’ve been busy with decorating, shopping, baking and celebrating. Then it started to snow… and snow… and snow… a lot! The unexpected white out was a nice reminder for me to pause just for a minute and write down all the things you’ve been doing this month. So here it goes:

DANCE PARTIES- you are completely into music and dancing. at any given moment you will get an urge to break out a move- or spin- as you prefer. Sometimes if you aren’t near a music maker you’ll just dance to the song in your head. the best is when you insist your dad and i join you which usually means stopping everything we are doing at that very instant. we really don’t mind.

COMEDIAN- you have just caught on that you do things that make us laugh and that you have the ability to be funny. so if you unintentionally do something that makes me laugh you’ll try to do it again and again. Plus you like to be in on the joke even if you don’t get the punch line- lots of “fake” laughing coming from you when you hear someone laugh.

CLIMBING- over the last few weeks you have had the urge to climb. First it was the stairs- you climbed up and down all day long. Then it was turning books or bins into step stools. But the Everest of all climbs happened the other day when I walked into the living room and saw you standing in the middle of the coffee table- huge smile on your face and hands clapping with pride.

BOOKS- I know I write this all the time, but you really love books. Definitely flipping through books (with the exception of running) is the activity you do the most each day. Many of our afternoons are spent at the University Bookstore in their charming childrens department. You like to look through Touch and Feel books all by yourself. A good one will get shared with a stuffed animal- you’ll run and get a stuffed animal, carry it back to the book and shove the furry face into the page. I think this is your not so subtle attempt to share your enjoyment with your stuffed friends. At home we’ll play a game that goes like this- I recite a line or two from a familiar book and you run and get the book I am reciting from off your shelf and bring it back to me. Titles you can identify in our game: Knuffle Bunny, Penguin Dreams, I am a Bunny, Brown Bear, Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog, New Socks.
Current list of favorite books this month are: I am a Bunny, Zoo-ology, Goodnight Gorilla, various Touch and Feels and/or Pop Ups.

PRESCHOOL- You continue to love school and everyone there, especially a particular teacher. You are having a love affair with a tall, thin, brunette named Miss. Lainie. I think the feeling is mutual because she constantly interacts with you. She’ll read you a book, dance with you during music time or tickle you while you sit comfortably in her lap. For me there’s nothing better than to watch you feel so comfortable with another adult. My fingers are crossed that you continue to have such amazing teachers throughout your life.

OPINIONS- You are growing up and getting opinions about everything. Probably nothing compared to what is to come, but this new milestone is pretty entertaining. Of course like all milestones there are pluses and minuses.  For example- Your dad and I try to include you in decision making and encourage you to state your opinion by asking you to make choices. A simple this or that question- should we pick the green one or the red one? Or we’ll ask a yes or no question- Roman is it lunch time? You adore being included and we love watching your decisiveness. Sometimes you decide that you’d prefer to take the stairs yourself instead of being carried or you want to turn off the lights instead of me flipping them. These are the plus moments. The minuses are when you really don’t want to stop what you are doing for a diaper change or you absolutely do not want to eat a vegetable or you aren’t ready to leave the toy store- in these situations we have to give you lots of warning and reminders that we understand your opinion even if you aren’t getting your way. Like everything about you, the pluses are far outweighing the minuses!

We love you!


One Response to “15 Months Old”

  1. Jameson Says:

    Tim, Harper and I LOVE watching you grow and learn. Merry Christmas! We hope to see you again soon. Much love and well wishes,
    The Hanrahans

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