Mr. Independent



Dear Roman,
Your curiosity and desire for independence are taking over. This new found need for autonomy is leading to big changes in our daily routine.

You have been spending your mornings hanging out in your crib.  It took us a couple days to realize you weren’t sleeping in, but enjoying some alone time. Your dad went in to check on you and found you sitting with your back toward the door playing and mumbling with your animals. When you wake at 7:30 AM each morning instead of crying now you’ll play with cat, elephant, panda, monkey, gorilla, bunny, chicken, monster and blanket until after 9AM!

You are independently playing throughout the day too. You’ll go into another room and sit down with a toy or book and play for a couple minutes before you summon one of us to come and check out what you’ve been playing with. You love to include us in what you’ve discovered and we like being included!

Your parents seem to always be holding you back these days. We won’t let you climb on top of a table or we won’t let you play with an expensive camera- even though you are really good at climbing and the camera looks like the best toy ever! Sometimes our “interfering” leads to you getting really upset- chubby hands clasp the sides of your face, head throws back and tears pour down as though your life is coming to a complete end. Then as quickly as the waterworks began the whole ordeal is over and you are off exploring something else.

For an already independent kid this new phase is keeping your parents on our toes. We are trying our best to come up with ways for you to feel empowered and minimize your frustration. Hang in there Roman, we are all in this together!


Your parents.


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