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Easy Rider

January 20, 2009

Natalie Eden Collection

January 19, 2009


We have relaunched Natalie Eden! Check it out at Thank you all for your support.

Looking Forward

January 19, 2009


We’re finally getting over a nasty cold and you (and I) have that playful personality back. Since it was sunny we spent the day at the park. It’s been a couple of months since we’ve been and boy have you changed. You’re all big kid now- meaning you can climb and slide all by yourself! Just a little taste of how lovely summer is going to be this year I’m sure.

Speaking of tastes- you’re looking forward to taking a bite of this cupcake (see below) tomorrow while we watch the Inauguration of our new president. Feeling very hopeful for 2009!


One Afternoon

January 11, 2009


Dear Roman,
We were on our weekly trip to the local bookstore and enjoying the childrens section when you ducked around the corner. I peaked around trying to give you your space, but also needing to keep an eye on you. What I saw made me smile- there you were standing as close as you could to another mother/son duo. The boy must have been ten years old and was sitting next to his mom on the floor quietly reading a book. You stood there curiously staring, switching your gaze from the mom to the son and back again like you were at a tennis match. Completely oblivious to me watching, you let out a little “hi” to the strangers and smiled big. The poor kid was just trying to read his book and seemed a little annoyed at you the gawker. The mom was more understanding and responded with a greeting. I let the stare down go on for a couple more minutes before I went in and scooped you up.

I just adore this side of your personality. The spontaneity and lack of inhibition are so refreshing and remind me of the innocence that is childhood.

I love you.

16 months

January 11, 2009


Dear Roman,

You are changing like crazy. All of a sudden you are tall enough to reach the door knob and open a door! You are as finicky as ever with food choosing to not eat much at all some days. And you are starting to sleep more- 12+ hours at night and still take a 2+ hour nap. Mostly you are completely entertaining and a joy to be around. Your dad and I constantly wonder what we did to get so lucky with you! Here’s what you are into at 16 months:

TOOTH BRUSH- the mere mention of the word sends you running to your bathroom to get not one, but two toothbrushes- one for each hand. Then I sing the tooth song which goes a little like- brush, brush, brush your teeth- and you vigorously brush back and forth while spinning around.

MUSIC- listening, playing, dancing- you adore music. Daily you play with your harmonica, drum, piano and tambourine creating a one man band. The music portion of preschool is your favorite- while your friends sit on the floor and shake a maraca you run around dancing and spinning and making everyone laugh.

CLIMBING- your new obsession that has left it impossible to leave you alone for even a moment.  just like rolling over, sitting up, standing, crawling and walking you are on a mission to climb. unfortunately figuring out what you can and cannot climb on has been challenging.

BOOKS- still your favorite toy and you are starting to move away from simple word books and want a story. so lately you either like a pop up/interactive book or a story book with cool illustrations. You are very specific as to which books you would like read to you!

CRIB- what can I say, you just love your crib. It’s like it is your special place that you go to hang out in to get a little alone time. When you are tired you’ll point to your crib. As soon as your dad or I lay you down in your crib you get a big smile on your face and let out a sigh or giggle. You turn to your side, snuggle your beloved (we must NEVER lose) blanket, suck your pacifier and look completely content.

MUFFINS- a while ago I started making up batches of muffins while you napped- blueberry, strawberry, banana, raisin- you name it I tried it in my attempt to get you to eat. Well it worked. Now they’ve become your favorite food and something you kind of expect after a nap. Sometimes you’ll be in a grumpy mood after a snooze and all I have to do to get you smiling is say, “I think there is a fresh muffin waiting for you in the kitchen.”

STUFFED ANIMALS- I’d say 50% of our days are spent with you handing me a stuffed animal and then you either bringing the animal toys to “share” or having me make the animal chase you around the house. Needless to say you love your stuffed friends!

BLANKET- It’s obvious to your dad and I that you are very attached to your blankie. Of course it is with you when you sleep- in fact you cannot sleep without it. But now you carry the thing around the house, into the car, on walks. It already looks quite “loved” so I can imagine what we are going to have on our hands in a few years. Both your parents had blankets of their own and horror stories of how they went “missing” one day. We promise we won’t put you through the same torture.

FOLLOW ME- you love having us follow you to something you want to show us, but your method of getting us to come is a little hilarious- you tug on our shirts while looking directly into our eyes and point in the direction we are supposed to go. Absolutely no words are used. We got a little tired of being “pulled” and encouraged you to say, “please come” but to no avail. If tugging gets ignored you will walk behind and push on our backs- trying to physically move us. This was most entertaining to watch the other day when you tried to get your friend Zoe to follow you into the other room and of course she had no idea why you were tugging and pulling her!

SQUIRRELS & BIRDS- we have a bird feeder on our deck that seems to host an all you can eat buffet to the neighborhood squirrels and birds. This gives you such joy to see the animals come and eat- you run to the window to get a better look, tap at the window and beg to go outside.

Harmonica Man

January 8, 2009