One Afternoon



Dear Roman,
We were on our weekly trip to the local bookstore and enjoying the childrens section when you ducked around the corner. I peaked around trying to give you your space, but also needing to keep an eye on you. What I saw made me smile- there you were standing as close as you could to another mother/son duo. The boy must have been ten years old and was sitting next to his mom on the floor quietly reading a book. You stood there curiously staring, switching your gaze from the mom to the son and back again like you were at a tennis match. Completely oblivious to me watching, you let out a little “hi” to the strangers and smiled big. The poor kid was just trying to read his book and seemed a little annoyed at you the gawker. The mom was more understanding and responded with a greeting. I let the stare down go on for a couple more minutes before I went in and scooped you up.

I just adore this side of your personality. The spontaneity and lack of inhibition are so refreshing and remind me of the innocence that is childhood.

I love you.


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