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February 16, 2009


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Happy Birthday Dad!

February 16, 2009


Dear Roman,
Today was your Dad’s birthday. His best present was spending the day with you. It’s safe to say you were thrilled to get an extra day with him too. You really, really love your Dad and here’s why I say that:

* In the mornings the person you call for is Dad. The two of you have a routine- he comes and greets you and all your stuffed animals. Then he gets you out of your crib, changes your diaper while the two of you have a conversation. I can overhear (from the other bedroom) chatter about how the night went, what you are going to do today, what’s for breakfast.

* Your Dad has a habit of leaving his clothes on the floor. When he is at work you’ll pick up his shirt, place it around you and run around exclaiming “dad” over and over.

* Several times a day you’ll come running up to me and ask “daddy” which translates to you asking me if Dad is home. I hate being the one to have to remind you that he is gone at work, but he’ll be home soon.

* The only way I can get you to keep a hat on is to tell you that Dad thinks you look really cool or that you look just like your Dad in the hat.

* No matter how much fun you are having with a toy the minute you hear the garage door open (dad’s home from work) you drop everything and run to the top of the stairs to wait for him to come in the house. You can hardly contain your excitement- cheering his name and arms out waiting to be picked up. Before your Dad can take off his jacket you are off showing him toys and books.

Your Dad and I love you too!

17 Months

February 6, 2009


You just turned 17 months and this age is a lot of fun, sometimes challenging, but a lot of fun. You are full of personality! When you are in a really good mood it is the best- you run around jumping, dancing and playing. When we are out you are super social and say “hi” to everyone and are still fascinated with other kids. You’re very observant and point out everything from planes in the sky to trucks driving by. When you are in a not so good mood (like when you are tired or aren’t feeling well) you get fussy and restless. You don’t feel very social and just want your blanket, pacifier and Mama. Everything (diaper changes, eating, getting dressed) upsets you and you’ll burst into tears at any moment. The best way to get through these kind of days is to sit and read a lot of books and take walks.

INTO everything- Even though we “Roman proofed” the house as soon as you could walk it seems like we need to go through the place again. All of a sudden you are noticing all the top drawers- the ones that used to be out of reach and contained fun things like xacto knives, tiny paper clips, mouth wash, etc. You not only notice, but can reach inside and grab things like vaseline, toothpaste and sharpie markers. What’s even worse is that you can open doors too- closet doors where we shoved all the stuff we didn’t want you getting into.

ART – you have this wooden easel that has become a favorite toy. Multiple times a day you’ll take crayons or add stickers to the paper. You are pretty good at following the rules of just coloring on the paper¬† (not on the walls, hardwoods, etc) we leave your crayons out. We’ve been reading When Pigasso Met Mootisse a lot and you really like the page that looks like a Pollack painting. I even started putting a few¬† of your picture books with our coffee table books and I’ll find you looking through art books as much as you look through the story books.

STEP STOOL- we successfully solved the issue of climbing on furniture by getting you a step stool to practice on. You are completely satisfied with this option and climb up and down and move the stool to various locations in the house. Usually you end up placing yourself close to a light switch or a window. You LOVE switching the lights “on” or “off” as you’ll say. The stool placed near a window lets you look out at the trees and you get really excited if there is a bird sitting on a branch.

SORTING TOY- you mastered your sorting toy by putting the circle, triangle and square in all the right spots. This is a really big deal because for months you couldn’t sit still long enough to concentrate on anything (with the exception of books) but now the way you play is changing. You’re figuring toys out, mimicking with kitchen toys and involving your stuffed animals in everything.

UH OH is your current favorite saying and you know exactly when it’s appropriate to use it. Like yesterday when you pulled over drawers filled with my work supplies which scattered all over the floor. You came and got me saying UH OH and brought me to the scene. Definitely appropriate usage! As I cleaned up you hung over my shoulder with your arm around my neck, staring at the mess you shook your head no while repeating “uh oh” over and over. I had a really hard time not laughing as I thought you sounded pretty cute.

What do you want to do?

February 5, 2009


Dear Roman,

Today we were sitting at the table eating lunch as usual, but instead of telling you what we were going to do after you finished I decided to ask you.

me: do you want to read a book?

you: no- head shaking with your quick answer

me: do you want to color?

you: no

me: do you want to dance?

you: no

me: do you want to play with a ball?

you: no

me: do you want to go see the ducks?

you: yeah!

So we walked down to the water to visit the ducks. You held my hand the entire time even as you ran after the ducks trying to get a feel of some feathers. It felt really good to be doing exactly what YOU wanted to do.