Happy Birthday Dad!



Dear Roman,
Today was your Dad’s birthday. His best present was spending the day with you. It’s safe to say you were thrilled to get an extra day with him too. You really, really love your Dad and here’s why I say that:

* In the mornings the person you call for is Dad. The two of you have a routine- he comes and greets you and all your stuffed animals. Then he gets you out of your crib, changes your diaper while the two of you have a conversation. I can overhear (from the other bedroom) chatter about how the night went, what you are going to do today, what’s for breakfast.

* Your Dad has a habit of leaving his clothes on the floor. When he is at work you’ll pick up his shirt, place it around you and run around exclaiming “dad” over and over.

* Several times a day you’ll come running up to me and ask “daddy” which translates to you asking me if Dad is home. I hate being the one to have to remind you that he is gone at work, but he’ll be home soon.

* The only way I can get you to keep a hat on is to tell you that Dad thinks you look really cool or that you look just like your Dad in the hat.

* No matter how much fun you are having with a toy the minute you hear the garage door open (dad’s home from work) you drop everything and run to the top of the stairs to wait for him to come in the house. You can hardly contain your excitement- cheering his name and arms out waiting to be picked up. Before your Dad can take off his jacket you are off showing him toys and books.

Your Dad and I love you too!


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