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18 Months Old

March 8, 2009


Dear Roman,
You’ve turned into such a kid- sitting in big chairs, trying to do things yourself and you understand EVERYTHING! The best part is that as you turn into an independent toddler you are becoming very affectionate and cuddly. It’s not uncommon to have you run up and hug our legs, ask to be picked up just so you can hang out or… shocker… give a kiss to your parents without repeated begging from us!!!

Here’s the list of likes and dislikes at 18 months old-


Books- current favorites: I Am Me, Mr Brown Can Moo, Good Night, any Pop Up or book with flaps.
Being outside
Running, climbing
Walks in your stroller
Boo- Australian cartoon show that you watch- 20 minutes every day either in the morning or late afternoon.
Hide and Seek- you hide in the best places like behind a bed or in your teepee and when I say ‘where’s Roman’ you stick out a hand or foot from your hiding spot so I can see just a tiny part of you!
Being chased- your cousin showed you how and now you LOVE it when we come running after you, but you hate being caught.
Stacking- you just started showing interest in blocks, stacking and building. BUT your favorite is to knock everything down.
Taking things apart or turning objects on and off- flashlights or toys or anything with on and off switches, light switches. Anything with a top that can come off and then you like to put it back on.
Music and dancing
Blanket- combined with pacifier these two items are a must when putting you to sleep or helping you be comforted.
Favorite words: NO (which means NO and YES), HI (still greeting people all the time), BALL (which you say as a long drawn out BAAAAALLLLL), MOM, DAD, POP (which means Poppi or Grandpa or we think pacifier), DUCK, UP, ROAR (which means lion or tiger), DOWN, UH OH, when we are in the car you point out ‘A TRUCK’ or ‘A CAR’ or ‘A BUS’ always including ‘A’ before the word. Yesterday you were repeatedly saying ALEC and HAIL- because we looked at pictures of your cousin Alec while it was hailing outside. It seems like everyday you add a new word or small sentence, but we sometimes (okay a lot of the time) have trouble determining what you actually said.
Favorite (and  only) signs: MORE, MILK, EAT.


Diaper changes
Getting your nose wiped
Getting your face washed
Sticky or dirty hands
Veggies, new food, green foods, pretty much food in general
Being confined or being indoors too long
Getting dressed
Other babies/kids/people crying- it makes you want to cry
Being told you can’t touch something
Sitting for any length of time unless we are moving (in a stroller or car) in which case you’ll sit for hours.

At your 18 month appointment the doctor asked me if I was enjoying you at this age. I responded with a quick and definite YES! Your parents are enjoying you more than they ever thought possible!


Mommy, Daddy

March 1, 2009


Dear Roman,

While at the grocery store today (in between helping your parents shop) you figured out the difference between men and women. We went up and down the aisles of food as you pointed out a ‘daddy’ when you saw a man. After the third exclamation from you we caught on to what you were saying- daddy = man. So I asked you ‘where’s a mommy’ and you pointed to a woman and shouted ‘mommy’! This game went on for quite awhile and got lots of smiles from fellow shoppers- especially the ones that actually were mommies and daddies.