19 months old



Dear Roman,
We couldn’t be happier to say goodbye to last month- it was a tough one! We were all sick for what seemed like the entire month and days turned into blurs of endless nose blowing, coughing, fevers and chills. At last you are recovering and we have our Roman back.

At 19 months you are full of personality and exploring your independence. Big time! It’s an amazing phase to watch you go through and one that takes lots of patience.

Your new favorite word is ‘yeah’ unlike last month when you loved expressing ‘no’ this month you are all about telling us exactly what you DO want. You are extremely enthusiastic in tone and make sure we understand you exactly by saying ‘yeah’ over and over while nodding your head up and down. This is all great if what you want is something that we agree with you on, but not so great if you decide you want chocolate right before bed or you want to go outside when it’s pouring rain or you really want to touch something off limits. You are still learning that just because you decide ‘yeah’ doesn’t mean it always goes your way.

Sorting, stacking, moving and cleaning- you are busy, busy, busy with moving objects from one place to another.Clothes from one drawer will be moved to another drawer. You’ll take all the pillows off our bed and move them into your room. Toys will go from one bin to another.  It’s not uncommon to watch you get a towel and go around the house cleaning and dusting the floor, furniture and windows. You are very serious about your tasks as though you were put to work. You cannot be disturbed if you are working. I think you might be lobbying for an allowance already.

You are really into testing boundaries these days. I feel like a complete broken record sometimes because you will do the same thing over and over making sure my reaction is always the same. Still innocent and not yet deceitful you will often do something you aren’t supposed to like- oh I don’t know- eat a sticker and then run up to me saying ‘hi’ to get my attention, look right at me with your mouth open to show me there is a sticker inside.

Food has become even more of a challenge if that is at all possible. It’s definitely an area where you have always expressed yourself so I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that right now you are definitely opinionated when it comes to mealtime. You are pretty much down to three things on your ‘yes’ list- plain yogurt, milk and any type of bread/cracker/pastry item. All of a sudden you have refused fruits, vegetables and almost every food you used to eat. Your pediatrician warned me  NOT to get into a food war with you because I may not win. I think she may be right.  I used to think who is in charge? me or Roman? Who buys the food? If you are hungry enough you’ll eat what I give you right? At this point though I think you would starve to death before ingesting a pea. I’m not kidding.

Your affectionate phase continues and you are going through a big mom love affair right now. I can’t go far without you following. At any given moment you will run up to me and give me a big hug  which is just the best.  And my favorite thing of all is that you still want to include me in everything you do- ‘mom come’ is one of your most popular sayings. I’m soaking it all up because I know in a blink of an eye you will need to me walk five steps behind you and any public displays of affection will be completely forbidden.

But until then…

Mom hearts Roman!


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