First Haircut



Dear Roman,

Today you got your very first haircut! You loved sitting in the airplane chair and pretending to talk on the toy phone you were given for a distraction. In fact you didn’t want to leave when the hairdresser said she was finished. I could tell you felt very big kid from the entire experience and you seemed to have an extra bounce in your step for the rest of the day.


2 Responses to “First Haircut”


    The little man is growing so fast, Grandpa is missing him !

  2. Mommo and Nana Says:

    Mommo wishes she could have been there to see your big boy first haircut. Nana does too and sure misses Roman from KC. Mommo loves you very much !! Can’t wait til you can come again to KC. Enjoying Nana and Pop on their visit to me and Poppo. Look at our pictures so you don’t forget us !!
    Nana and Pop are coming home and will see you soon. Nana has a big surprise for you !!

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