20 Months Old!



Dear Roman,
Your Dad and I can’t believe you are 20 months old today! It’s hard for us to imagine that you were once a baby and it feels silly calling you by that name. You are a happy, content, particular, inquisitive, observant, visual, social little boy who is growing up so fast.  Before I forget, here is what you are really liking lately:

YOUR ROUTINE- you are a kid who thrives on a structured daily routine! each morning you wake up eat breakfast, play with your toys and read a few books. Then we take a morning walk (unless it is raining), have a  snack and are in the car heading to a class- preschool on Mondays, Gymboree on Wednesdays and French on Thursdays. After class it’s lunch and a nap. Afternoons we are off on another walk (weather permitting) to the park or lake where you play until dinnertime. Then Dad comes home from work just in time to give you a bath with bubbles, read bedtime stories and you are tucked in for the night by 7:30.

BEING OUTSIDE- you are happiest running around, exploring and playing with friends at the park.

STROLLER- you still really enjoy riding in your stroller and saying ‘hi’ to everyone we pass on our walks.

BOOKS- sometimes I find you looking through books, studying the illustrations all by yourself. Other times you come running to me with a book in hand ready for me to read it to you. You have old favorites, new favorites and you are very specific on what you want and don’t want to read.

MUSIC- we’ve been listening to the same cd over and over and over in the car. You have big opinions on which songs you like and repeatedly ask for a song to be replayed (you say ‘more’ over and over), skipped over (you say ‘no’ while shaking head) or for the volume to be turned up (you yell ‘up’ and mimic the way my hand turns the knob).

BUGS- actually you say ‘yuck’ every time you see a bug in a book or on the ground. BUT you are completely fascinated and keep going back for a second look.

TABLE- you have been eating at your little table instead of in your high chair and you seem to love it. It took a couple tries to get you stay seated while eating (because you are always moving) but having tables and chairs for snack time at preschool has helped a lot with getting you used to this concept. Now when you ask to eat you will run to your table, pull out the chair and sit down before i can even get the food on the table.

INTERACTION- this funny thing you do while playing is to involve random objects, stuffed animals or people. The other day we were at the park and you took an interest in a rock. Before I knew it you were saying ‘hi’ to the rock, picking it up and handing it to me. I knew what you were up to as this sort of thing happens a hundred times a day usually with a stuffed animal or toy. I just thought it was pretty funny you were making friends with a rock. You asked the rock to ‘come’ and it/we followed. First you showed the rock the slide that you aren’t allowed on (because it is too tall) by pointing to the slide and shaking your head no to the rock. Then you had the rock follow you to the sand box where you showed him the shovel and bucket you liked. The rock interacted by talking in a funny voice- the same voice that every chosen object/stuffed animal makes. Imagine how ridiculous I looked holding a rock that talked. the things I do to keep you content!

We love you!


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