Last Day of School


class photo

Class Photo 5/2009

Dear Roman,
Today was your last day of preschool. We break for summer and we will return in the fall, but there will be new kids, new teachers and a new classroom. So today was filled with lots of emotions- for your mom anyway. As I watched you running around class with all your friends for the last time I couldn’t help but reflect on the year and how much you have changed, grown and how much you have learned.

When we first began going to preschool you were barely 14 months old. I thought it would be impossible to get you to sit still in a chair at a table for snack time. The first month you mostly avoided snack all together and opted to run around playing while others sat and ate. Then as the months passed you took an interest in what your friends were all doing and started to sit at a table for a moment or two. You tried very hard to change the rules to an “eat a snack while running around playing” policy, but to no avail.  Eventually you gave in and started sitting and eating just like everyone else. And today you sat right down at a table, ate your snack and drank your water out of a little glass without spilling.

I remembered how I had to lift you up to the miniature sinks to help you wash your hands and realized that now you can reach them yourself and go to the sink, turn on the water, get the soap and wash all on your own without direction.

Each phase you were in brought a new class experience. At 14 months you were confident and enthusiastic- running around hugging everyone, spinning,  dancing and touching everything in sight. Then came separation anxiety around 17 months which meant you stayed close to my leg, hesitated to explore and became terrified of the only dad in the class. Now at 20 months you have come full circle and are back to your outgoing, enthusiastic self.

Preschool gave you the opportunity to explore paint, sensory tables, play doh, musical instruments, song and dance, and lots of great toys. You learned how to be gentle toward your friends and how to play with others. You learned that there are rules in life- like chairs are for sitting on not standing on,  no climbing on tables or furniture, crayons do not go in the mouth (although you break this one constantly), slides are for going down not climbing up, food must be eaten while sitting and toys get put away after they are played with.

Today you waved and said “bye bye” to all your teachers and friends. With a big smile on your face you grabbed my hand and we walked out the door of your first classroom for the very last time. And I started to cry a little because I absolutely hate goodbyes.


1st day of school

First day of class 10/2008


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