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The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree

June 30, 2009

Dear Roman,
You are an original, an individual no doubt. But sometimes you will do something that makes me realize there is nothing quite like seeing myself or seeing your Dad through the mirror that is you.

This afternoon as we were walking down the stairs to head out for a trike ride you saw a couple crumbs on the floor. “Uh oh” as you pointed the tiny specs out. Then without pause you ran back upstairs, grabbed a broom from the closet and ran back to sweep them away. After you cleaned the floor you put the broom back, closed the closet door and joined me on the stairs as though nothing had happened. This is EXACTLY something your dad would do!

Sometimes at night while you are in your crib trying to fall asleep you will struggle with winding down. Chatting and throwing stuffed animals out of your crib, calling for your parents. You aren’t crying or upset, just having trouble shutting off your brain for the night. This is EXACTLY like your mom!

There is nothing that gives you more pleasure than entering a bakery with a pristine glass case filled with rows of sweet perfection. Your entire body smiles. Dad and I feel the EXACT same way!

Your cleaning habits, obsessive wiping, putting clothes away in drawers, putting books back on shelves, needing your hands clean- so totally your father.

Your picky eating, routine loving, particularity, slow to get going in the morning is just like your mama.

For better or for worse you have inherited or picked up some traits that are… well… like your parents. You will probably despise this notion once you are aware. But hey, at least we have each other.


Self Expression

June 28, 2009

Dear Roman,

You have found a love for art. These days one of your favorite ways to play at home is by getting creative. You’ll rummage through your supply boxes pulling out markers, crayons, chalk, tape, stickers and can occupy yourself by creating a masterpiece. I find you totally focused on a drawing often looking like this-


When I ask you what you are drawing you usually answer, “a baby” or “Izzie” which is the name of a girlfriend of yours.

I guess you are focusing on figure drawings.


June 14, 2009


Dear Roman,
These days ‘ma’ or ‘mama’ has replaced ‘hi’ as your most used word.

In the morning while you sit and wait for breakfast it’s MA MA MA MA MA MA at the top of your lungs as though you are an impatient New Yorker and I am your short order cook who can’t get the meal to you fast enough!

At the library you were sitting at the computer with headphones on watching a learning game. A duck came on the screen which was very exciting so you screamed (at the top of your lungs)  MAMA MAMA A DUCK! In the library! I was laughing so hard I didn’t even care if everyone was staring.

You seem to always scream my name even though I am usually no more than a foot away! In your world I am clearly supposed to be readily available at any given moment to get you something, read you something, play with you, share in your excitement, you know- tend to your every need. I am more than willing don’t get me wrong. It just makes me laugh when I think back to the days when I used to long to hear one single ‘mama’ come out of your mouth instead of ‘dada’.

I love you buddy!

Roman and other kids

June 10, 2009

Dear Roman,
Lately it has really been feeling like summer- nice weather, days spent outside and a later bedtime for you which means we get to hang out as a family in the evenings. Every Wednesday you climb into your stroller and we head down to Marina Park for the farmers market. We weave through the crowds of people selecting fresh fruit, baked bread and other yummy “treats” as you call them. It doesn’t take long for you to become covered in sticky fruit juice from all the cherries, strawberries and apples you’ve sampled. Nothing a good splash in the fountain can’t clean off.

Tonight, after touring all the booths we headed to the lakefront so you could play in the sand. Shortly after you settled in with a good stick and some rocks a little guy your age showed up with a bag full of sand toys- buckets, shovels, rakes. The look on your face screamed JACKPOT! Your dad and I looked on as you made your move walking calmly over to the boy. You stood in front of him for a minute with a slight smirk on your face surveying the toys. Then you pointed to the really big shovel as if to suggest I want to play with that one. The kid looked at you and handed you a smaller rake. You didn’t take it instead continued to point to the big shovel. The little guy handed you the rake once more and you gave in, taking it and feeling pleased with your new borrowed toy and the new buddy.

It’s so much fun watching you interact with other kids. Most of the time you are pretty good at sharing although if you are really into a toy I have to do a lot of encouraging to get you to hand it off to another little person.  A lot of times you try to redirect a kid coming towards you to take something you are playing with. Like if you are holding a really good ball and a kid spots it you will pick up another toy and hand it to them before they can take your ball. But for the most part you adore being surrounded by other kids hanging out at the park or the beach and get disappointed if there aren’t any other kiddos.

I foresee many many days this summer spent playing around the neighborhood!

21 Months

June 5, 2009


Dear Roman,

It is very obvious that you are growing up as you continue to be more independent and add more and more words to your vocabulary. It amazes me to watch you go from a little boy I carried around on my hip to a big boy who can feed himself, get up on all the furniture without assistance, take direction (albeit selective), sleep through the night, open doors, close doors, walk up and down stairs and can play alone for several minutes at a time.

Before I forget and you go and change again, here is the “official” list of what you are into at 21 months:

LIKES- balls- kicking and throwing balls and watching kids play baseball and basketball, bubbles, motorcycles, your elephant tee, babies, the alphabet song, slides, bugs, Elmo, swings, a snack before bedtime, cymbals or as you call them ‘dong dong’, drums, cheese, stickers, crayons, sleeping in your crib, yogurt, cameras, books- but now more story books and less of the touch and feel variety, cats, your tooth brush, your blanket, pacifier, skateboards, stuffed animals, ‘treats’ as you say which can mean anything from a Flinstones vitamin to a mini cupcake from the local bakery.

DISLIKES- water on your face, sitting down for mealtimes, abrupt transitions, your parents hovering over you, the high chair- so it has been moved to the garage, dirty hands, most food- definitely vegetables- you won’t even look at them and forget getting you to try something new, diaper changes, goodbyes, waking up- sometimes very crabby in the morning or after a nap!