21 Months



Dear Roman,

It is very obvious that you are growing up as you continue to be more independent and add more and more words to your vocabulary. It amazes me to watch you go from a little boy I carried around on my hip to a big boy who can feed himself, get up on all the furniture without assistance, take direction (albeit selective), sleep through the night, open doors, close doors, walk up and down stairs and can play alone for several minutes at a time.

Before I forget and you go and change again, here is the “official” list of what you are into at 21 months:

LIKES- balls- kicking and throwing balls and watching kids play baseball and basketball, bubbles, motorcycles, your elephant tee, babies, the alphabet song, slides, bugs, Elmo, swings, a snack before bedtime, cymbals or as you call them ‘dong dong’, drums, cheese, stickers, crayons, sleeping in your crib, yogurt, cameras, books- but now more story books and less of the touch and feel variety, cats, your tooth brush, your blanket, pacifier, skateboards, stuffed animals, ‘treats’ as you say which can mean anything from a Flinstones vitamin to a mini cupcake from the local bakery.

DISLIKES- water on your face, sitting down for mealtimes, abrupt transitions, your parents hovering over you, the high chair- so it has been moved to the garage, dirty hands, most food- definitely vegetables- you won’t even look at them and forget getting you to try something new, diaper changes, goodbyes, waking up- sometimes very crabby in the morning or after a nap!


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