The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree


Dear Roman,
You are an original, an individual no doubt. But sometimes you will do something that makes me realize there is nothing quite like seeing myself or seeing your Dad through the mirror that is you.

This afternoon as we were walking down the stairs to head out for a trike ride you saw a couple crumbs on the floor. “Uh oh” as you pointed the tiny specs out. Then without pause you ran back upstairs, grabbed a broom from the closet and ran back to sweep them away. After you cleaned the floor you put the broom back, closed the closet door and joined me on the stairs as though nothing had happened. This is EXACTLY something your dad would do!

Sometimes at night while you are in your crib trying to fall asleep you will struggle with winding down. Chatting and throwing stuffed animals out of your crib, calling for your parents. You aren’t crying or upset, just having trouble shutting off your brain for the night. This is EXACTLY like your mom!

There is nothing that gives you more pleasure than entering a bakery with a pristine glass case filled with rows of sweet perfection. Your entire body smiles. Dad and I feel the EXACT same way!

Your cleaning habits, obsessive wiping, putting clothes away in drawers, putting books back on shelves, needing your hands clean- so totally your father.

Your picky eating, routine loving, particularity, slow to get going in the morning is just like your mama.

For better or for worse you have inherited or picked up some traits that are… well… like your parents. You will probably despise this notion once you are aware. But hey, at least we have each other.


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