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Summer Concerts

July 23, 2009

Dear Roman,

Every Wednesday morning you and I walk down to our neighborhood park and enjoy an outdoor concert. Each week a different band sings songs and entertains you and all your friends. It’s pretty much the best hour of your day since you LOVE music, instruments and dancing!

Here you are dancing with your buddy Evan and hanging out with Izzie.




22 Months

July 19, 2009


Dear Roman,

22 months feels a lot like having a two year old. You are all about doing things yourself or “me” as you say. When I ask you if you want to be held or walk back to the car you always choose the second even if a couple seconds later you end up asking to be picked up. You open doors, jars, boxes- you could pretty much get yourself out of bed, downstairs and prepare breakfast for yourself if given the opportunity. In fact you are able to get out of your crib! The first time you succeeded your dad and I were greeted with a good morning “hi” at our bedside from you. Needless to say we were a little shocked to see you standing in our room when the last time we saw you was the night before safe and sound in your crib. We’ve had to figure out some tricky ways to keep you from climbing out and finally found success with putting you in a sleep sack/sleeping bag thing which basically prevents you from using your monkey legs and feet! Score one for the parents!

Here’s what else you have been up to this month-

You participated in the city of Kirkland’s 4th of July parade for the second year in a row. Last year your Dad, Pop and Poppi pushed you in your stroller but this year you rode on your trike (still being pushed by Dad, Pop and Poppi) all decked out with stickers and streamers and a patriotic bell- thanks to Grandma. You looked like such a big boy coming down the street with all the other kids and you loved the musical band that participated along side you in the parade!

You have been spending a lot of time at the park with Izzie- a girl you met last winter at Gymboree. The two of you had a connection then and have continued to be friends even though class has ended. The best part is that she lives two blocks away!  Roman, if I didn’t know better I’d say you were pretty fond of your little friend. You draw pictures of Izzie, sing songs about Izzie, pretend to call her on the phone, point out the street she lives on every time we drive by and at night you say goodnight to her. I’ve heard from Izzie’s mom that the feeling is mutual as she hears a lot about “Mo” Izzie’s name for you.

All day long you play with your toy instruments making up parades and marching back and forth. Sometimes if an instrument isn’t handy you’ll grab a random object and turn it into one. The other morning I got out of the shower and found you dancing to music on your bed while playing my curling iron like it was a trumpet. Something kind of cool that you do is pick out the sound of instruments in songs. We will be listening to a tune and you will hear an instrument and then name it or pretend to play it- you move your fingers to an imaginary piano, blow an imaginary harmonica and I have to say you do a pretty cute air guitar!

We have been eating out in restaurants again! This is a really big deal because basically since you were 3 months old you just could not handle being in a restaurant unless you were asleep. But now you get super excited to eat out. Once a week we meet Nana for a trip to the library and a trip out to lunch. Usually you aren’t really interested in eating, but you enjoy hanging out and watching everyone else eat. Hey it’s a big start!

You have been having a lot of little tantrums, crying fits and have been throwing things. 22 months old has been exceptionally emotional for you. I would normally describe you as a pretty mellow kid so watching you lose it over a certain blanket in your bed (you apparently did NOT want the blanket in your bed) or being given a certain snack (you wanted to eat chips when you were given raisins) is sometimes hard to watch. There have been lots of battles of will, lots of loving something one day then hating it the next, little patience for books and reading and oh did I mention lots of insisting YOU DO IT YOURSELF.

With the negative emotions also come the positive. You have started to express when you are feeling “happy” as you will declare. Everything you say seems to be two and three words at a time like “Hi Nana Baby” which is your favorite saying that you repeat all day even when Nana is nowhere in sight. And when you are feeling “happy” you are very affectionate. The other night I was rocking you and we were talking about our day. You leaned in for a kiss and I kissed your nose. “No Mama, like this” you said and pulled your pacifier out of your mouth and kissed me right on the lips. That one moment made up for all the other challenging moments we’ve had combined!


Mom and Dad