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23 Months

August 14, 2009

Dear Roman,
Your Dad and I can’t even believe how it is possible that we are almost parents of a 2 year old- a kid- a person, but when we look at you lately that is exactly what you are. Roman, you are turning into a self sufficient, caring little guy who we are so proud of. Here’s what you have been up to at 23 months:

Your motto should be something like “me do it” because that’s what we hear from you all day long! Forget any help, you are all about getting into your stroller or carseat, walking up and down the stairs, putting your own toys away, opening doors to get outside, cleaning up spills and crumbs and walking walking walking everywhere on your own.

Speaking of walking, a new ritual of yours has been evening walks with Dad. Every night when he gets home from work you guys take off on foot around the neighborhood. You love to pick up rocks, look for cats and of course you have to push all the cross walk buttons. One night you guys were gone for two hours because you both got side tracked downtown and ended up sharing chips and salsa at the mexican restaurant.

You are talking more and more each day. Still lots of jabbering and saying things that we can’t really understand, but between your own language we have been able to pick up more actual words. You like to talk about bikes and helmets, bugs, balls, friends and animals. You always point out if something feels “hot” or “cold” and you have been using the word “back” appropriately- either when talking about front and back or when walking backward. Also of interest is “sleep” and “awake” and colors although you usually call all colors black or green.

Current favorite toys are your little guitar and/or anything music related, a tee ball set your Dad got you that you love taking to the park to play with, crayons and pens, little toy cars and pretend food/kitchen toys.

I am beginning to see you pretend when playing. You’ll pretend to eat your toy food and give a bite to a stuffed animal sitting across from you. I’ve caught you a few times playing with a little toy car which you told me a friend of yours was driving in. Oh and you still will pretend anything and everything is an instrument. The other night while out to dinner you played a very good straw flute!