Dear Roman,
Today was the first day of preschool and you had a blast! Not too much of a surprise that you jumped right in. You wasted no time saying “hi” to teachers, exploring the five rooms and making yourself completely at home.

Your favorite room was the “craft room” that had multiple sensory tables filled with oatmeal and scoopers, play doh and cookie cutters and a water table with doll babies and wash rags. You played a lot at the play doh table and pretended to look for “baby seashells” at the oatmeal table like you would with sand at the beach. The funniest moment was when you handed wash rags out to your teachers and instructed them on how to clean a baby at the water table. Of course they were good sports and played along.  Besides the craft room you spent a lot of time at the play kitchen. Two little boys sat at a table while you served them play food and you all did a very good job of pretending to eat!

At the end of class we sang the goodbye song, you got a stamp on your hand and then started crying “no go home Mama” over and over. Luckily you and I get to go back every Monday for the rest of the school year.


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