dear roman,
your imagination is running wild lately. sometimes i think you just aren’t sure what you are talking about and other times i think you should pursue a career in creative writing.

something you are really into is pretending that you are an astronaut flying to the moon on a rocket ship to look for moon rocks. you will run up to tell me that you are an “astanaut” and then you take your hands and pretend to fly. Once landed on the “moon” you look for “moon rocks” and pick tiny pieces of nothing off the ground and put them in your pockets. We were walking down a city street the other day and out of the blue you took on your astronaut persona picking up moon rocks off the ground. you even held some up to a group of guys walking by shouting, “look moon rocks” as they smiled and laughed at you.

your kitchen set is another favorite pretend spot as you’ll make “soup” or “treats” or “cheese sandwiches” for your parents, stuffed animals or friends. And you love, love, love to serve tea. You will get a cup and saucer and hand it to me saying, “please mama tea” while pouring and re pouring from a tea pot.

then there are the stories you tell. You’ll talk about flying baby bumble bees and the neighborhood cat. You tell me stories about the people you love and what they are doing.

this part of your development has been fantastic to watch and we can only “imagine” it’s going to get even better!


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