Happy Halloween



Dear Roman,

This Halloween was so much fun. Right away you caught on that this holiday was something you were going to be into- mostly because it involved treats. The days leading up to October 31st you’d talk about candy. Anytime you saw a pumpkin you would exclaim “treat” as though it was a reminder of what was to come.

So it wasn’t surprising when we took you trick or treating tonight and you walked right up to each house, knocked on the door and said, “treat please” as though you were an old pro. Looking adorable in your astronaut costume people couldn’t resist and offered you multiple sweets from their candy bowels. And you really knew how to work the person at the door by politely asking for an extra piece of candy for “Mama” or “Kitty Cat.” I swear there was no coaching involved.

After a big night of going door to door you were completely content with a single lolly pop and your Dad and I are devouring the rest of your haul…

We love you!



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