Dear Roman,
There seems to be a lot going on right now for our family-

We found out that “Baby Bean” is a girl! A revelation that you have apparently known for awhile. Constantly you would tell me Baby Bean was a girl. Even if I’d try to explain that the baby could be a boy you’d persist with a confident- NO MAMA A GIRL!!! I was relieved to find out you were correct and I wasn’t going to have to argue with you anymore. You’ll give my belly lots of pats, hugs and kisses. And you try to share all your favorite things with her by shoving them at my belly and saying, “Please Baby Bean take this.”  But my favorite thing is when you tell me, “Baby Bean come out so I hold you.”

We started to look for a bigger house and you totally caught on to what was going on. We’d drive by houses and you’d say, “that my house?” Or you’d look and decide if it were a “nice” house or a “yuck” house. I actually started taking your opinion into consideration.  I’ve caught you calling Ben (our Realtor) on your play phone and having conversations about houses. It was all kind of amusing at first, but now I think you are tired of having your time taken up with looking inside houses where I run behind you saying NO TOUCH. You’d rather be at the park. So it’s probably a good thing that we ended up finding a new home.

I just apologize in advance for the coming months when your life gets turned upside down with packing, boxes, new rooms. Hopefully you’ll adjust to it all before we throw another curve ball your way. She’s due to arrive at the end of March…


One Response to “Changes”

  1. Pop Says:

    Pop is happy that Roman will have a sister!

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