Two Years and Two Months


Dear Roman,

Right now you are really into playing with toys. You say, “play with me Mama” and then instruct me on what we are going to play.

Lately it is a lot of building with blocks- “houses” and “rockets” are what you tell me we are going to build. Then an “astronaut” or “knight” (imaginary) join in the fun.

Another thing you still like playing with is your play food/kitchen. You ask me to sit at your little table and serve “tea” and “grilled cheese” sandwiches. Sometimes you’ll make some “treats” for us to eat too.

“Play cars” is usually something you want to do with your dad when he gets home from work. Playing cars consists of you dumping the bucket of cars out and distributing a car to each of your stuffed animals. “Here you go kitty cat, dog, orangutan” as you hand out various colored cars.

You are obsessed with clasps and latches like the ones on your booster seat, car seat and stroller. You HAVE to “help” me strap you in. Along the same lines you have now found huge interest with trying to take your toys apart. You’ll turn them over, run to get a screwdriver and twist away hard at work and deep in concentration. You really like trying to figure things out.

At preschool you LOVE the sensory room and spend most of your time at the paint, playdoh, water and sand stations. Today at school you rolled blue paint all over paper ducks and would stop everything to go wash your hands if paint got on them.

Evenings are spent with you getting quality time with your dad. The two of you go upstairs and get creative. I can hear the two of you playing that you are in a spaceship going to the moon. There’s lots of running and physical play and you LOVE it! I think your dad does too.

As you can tell you want your parents involved in your play time. For awhile you were going off on your own sometimes for up to 20 or 30 minutes, but these days you are all about having us near by and involved.

Besides playing you are are busy stringing words together and making sentences- although sometimes they are a little confusing for us to understand and you talk non stop, usually very enthusiastically and often using little sayings like “no way” “oh nice” and “no thank you please.” You try to count, but it comes out like 1, 3, 10…. and you try to say your ABCs which are also all jumbled up, but very cute to hear.

You LOVE singing songs right now. “Sing Mama” you’ll exclaim and then I’ll start singing a song and you’ll tell me “yeah” or “no” if you want me to continue. Songs you like to sing along to are Rain Rain Go Away and Row Row Row Your Boat.

You still adore rocking and reading books- especially before bedtime. There are definite favorites, currently you are loving anything illustrated by J Otto Siebold. You’ll stare at each picture and point to an image and say, “what’s that Mommy/Daddy?” over and over again.

You go to the potty on the toilet every night before bed. This has been going on for a couple months and has become part of your routine- go potty, brush teeth, put pjs on. You really feel like a big boy sitting on the toilet.

All in all you are still a very easy going child who is usually pretty happy which is saying a lot considering you are two!


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