New House


Dear Roman,
We did it! We moved into our new home successfully without losing much along the way except maybe a little sanity here and there. It was a crazy couple of weeks trying to pack boxes and coordinate in between your trying to unpack the boxes and create as much chaos as possible. Then you and I caught a nasty cold and you started climbing out of your crib again and nobody in our house was sleeping!
Just as I thought you couldn’t possibly find another way to act out (throwing, screaming, clinging, climbing) and I couldn’t possibly stand another day trying to keep a sick little boy occupied with all his toys packed away the BIG MOVING DAY arrived! “Hi movers” you would say as the men came in and out of the house with furniture. Immediately you felt at home and what’s not to love. You have a big playroom where you can run around and mess everything up. You have a cozy little bedroom with your crib next to the window. I have caught you standing and looking outside where you spotted the trampoline in the neighbor’s yard and said, “I want to go there.” You are sleeping again and we couldn’t be happier!

Now we can focus on Christmas!

*Photo taken on one of the last days at the old house- without any toys you ended up playing in clothing drawers. You called yourself an “astronaut” and a “diver” in this particular ensemble.


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