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Two Years Four Months

January 31, 2010

Dear Roman,
January was a lousy month. We were just settling into our new house when we discovered¬† a major leak that has led to a series of random professionals/workers/people entering our house to work/fix/disrupt our little routine. Plus Dad was out of town for part of the month and you and I got colds. Through it all you have been amazingly flexible. You’ve been able to sleep through sawing, drilling, hammering and industrial fans blowing. When a worker comes over you greet them with excitement and show them where the problem area is. I am pretty sure you think you are actually helping them because you’ll go and get your tools and imitate what they are doing. You’ve adjusted and readjusted and readjusted again with ease. We are so proud of you!

Last month you were stringing full sentences together and this month you continued, plus you’ve started making up conversations between toys (like two lego men) and you are starting to have conversations with your friends. My favorite part of this skill is that you are able to remember events and talk about them in full detail. So if you go somewhere with your dad you can come home and tell me all about it. Every night after we’ve read books we sit and cuddle and I ask you what your favorite part of the day was. I LOVE hearing your response- it’s such insight into your thoughts.

Besides talking, hear is the list of your likes… and your dislikes this month-

*Curious George- absolute favorite and pretty much the only show you watch.
*Legos- duplos really, but you will sit for long periods and build all sorts of things. Castles, towers, cranes, rockets, crabs and robots are a few of the objects you’ve told us you are building.
*Waffles- sunday morning waffles compliments of dad are still a favorite.
*Playing ball
*Scuba divers
*Books, reading- favorites right now are Bernstein Bears New Baby, One Fish Two Fish, Maisy, Curious George, Rolie Polie Olie.
*Tag and pacifier- anytime you are tired or sick you just want to get your tag (blanket), pacifier and cuddle up. but you’ve been pretty good at sticking to the rule that these two items are reserved for the bed only.
*Going out- “where are we going now mama” is something i hear constantly. after breakfast as we get ready for the day you’ll start asking me what the plan is. even if we’re out at a class or with a friend you’ll ask me what we are doing next. You just don’t want the fun to end and you love being in the know.
*Mini doughnuts- with a smile on your face you’ll say “mini doughnuts from Starbucks please.” So we go once a week and sit together chatting about who knows what. It’s actually really fun!
*Helping dad fix stuff
*Hide and seek
*Cleaning up
*Friends- you call most kids that you encounter at the park “my friends” which we just find adorable. You love your actual friends and talk about them all the time. “I ready to see Izzie” or Zoe/Evan/Alec/Shoshanna.
*Swimming- while we were out of our house this past week (construction) we stayed with Nana and Poppi who have a pool. Every night when your dad would get home from work he’d take you swimming. It was the best part of your day. You got so good at swimming by end of week you were using your arms and legs just like a swimmer with little assistance from dad plus you didn’t mind going under water.

*Washing hair
*Food- you say “I don’t like it” to just about every food. Honestly I think the only things you will eat consistently are: yogurt, bread product and milk. Of course any sweet goes straight into your mouth without hesitation. We’ve pretty much accepted the fact that you are the pickiest kid ever and supplement with vitamins and nutritional powder that gets mixed into your milk.
*Hands dirty- you hate, hate, hate having your hands sticky or messy. Even when painting you’ll go wash off your hands before continuing the picture. After every meal you’ll say, “I need my hands wiped off” before you ask to get down from your chair.
*Being inside too long- nothing makes you crabbier. You are just a kid who needs space and change.



January 4, 2010