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One on One Time

February 20, 2010

Dear Roman,
We’re still living in a constant construction zone which means you and I have to stay out all day long while the workers or “guys” as you call them do their job. The weather has been unusually gorgeous for this time of year and we have found ourselves hanging out at park after park or at restaurants and cafes. Watching you this past week I am realizing how much you are growing up.

At the park this week I watched you jump right in to whatever a group of kids were playing. I noticed you craving interaction from peers instead of just observing them as you used to do. You were really into knowing every child’s name and you kept telling me “these are my friends Mom.” The cutest thing though was how you would run over to me after playing with a boy or girl and say, “I want to go to his/her birthday party.”

Dining out with you in the past was not the most enjoyable experience. I’d rush to order and inhale my food as you squirmed and fidgeted in your seat. I was always nervous you would knock something over or want to get down and run around. But this week we had to stay clear of our kitchen (the “guys” were laying flooring) so you and I headed to a diner in our neighborhood. Right when we walked in you said “hi” to the waitress and walked over to the booth you wanted to sit at.  The waitress returned to put water on the table and you looked right at her and said, “I want a Mickey Mouse pancake.”  As we sat together I watched you carefully color with the provided crayons and neatly stack and sort sugar packets that were on the table. When your pancakes came you poured syrup and used the fork like you had been using one for years. We talked and ate together without anything spilling and not once did you want to get down to run around. I actually finished my food before you were done eating!

These moments are especially important now because they are what I am going to look back on as our time spent together before the arrival of your sister. Just you and I being buddies getting all this one on one time. The house situation could be seen as a huge inconvenience but I’m really grateful for the forced time away.